November 12, 2020

Real People, Real Results.

Kyle treated his depression and digestive symptoms on a carnivore diet

Before finding success on a carnivore diet, Kyle was 225 pounds, exercised regularly, and focused on any food that had “protein” listed on the label. His meals were heavy on salads, nuts, and processed foods with many additives.   “I was bloated all the time. None of the other mechanics wanted to be around me!” he jokes. Kyle struggled to

Julia healed joint pain, inflammation and anxiety on a carnivore diet

Julia came to follow a carnivore diet after suffering from obesity for many years and what she describes as a “plethora” of other health conditions. “I was suffering from anxiety and depression, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, inflammation, and a headache that would just not go away,” she shares. “I had allergies to things I didn’t even know about and reactions

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