Keri loses weight and improves strength on a carnivore diet

Keri found the weight loss answer she had been looking for with a carnivore diet, and improving her physical strength was a bonus.


Keri’s Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and Her Discovery of the Carnivore Diet


“Unfortunately, I soon fell back into old habits,” Keri explains. “The ketogenic diet was just a little too generous regarding vegetables and fruits. It was the vegetables that tripped me up and created an entirely different entity around how I felt.” She didn’t realize the impact that the vegetables were having on her digestion, and she began to experience discomfort. “The vegetables wreaked so much havoc on my body.”


In a matter of 4 months, Keri gained back 25 pounds that she had previously lost. “I threw out my progress for the sake of Christmas goodies, and needless to say, that came with some serious regret.”


Why Keri Switched from the Ketogenic Diet to the Carnivore Diet


With the start of a new year, Keri decided to investigate further into a zero-carb way of eating and discovered more information on the carnivore diet. “Somehow, through a miracle, I was led to Dr. Shawn Baker, and the rest is history!


I am now approaching 100 pounds of weight loss, with 38 of those pounds can be attributed to the carnivore diet.” Keri lost the additional weight over the course of four months.


The Benefits Keri Experienced on the Carnivore Diet


“To say I feel fantastic is the understatement of understatements!” Keri declares. “I can now sense when I’ve been eating too much fat; I can feel it in my body. I can also tell when I’ve eaten the right amount of protein because I also feel that fantastic balance. I get better and smarter and wiser. I feel stronger and younger, too!”


Keri’s mobility, strength, and flexibility have also improved during her carnivore journey. “I can now get up from the floor with no effort,” she reports. “That thrills me because there was a time in my life when I practically had to roll onto my side just to be able to stand up with the assistance of nearby furniture.


Thinking back to that body, it mortifies me that I carried all of that excess weight around with me.” Keri has noticed she’s able to build muscle more easily, even with very little exercise (which she plans to do more frequently as she continues to heal.)


Additionally, Keri has felt the benefits of eliminating high-oxalate foods like vegetables. “I thought I was doing myself favors by eating vegetables, but now I’m finally feeling the benefits of the oxalates leaving my system.”


Keri’s Advice for Those Curious About the Carnivore Diet


Keri offers advice to those curious about the carnivore diet, which has even provided firmer, brighter skin. “For anyone who is at their wit’s end or who cares about what’s happening to our food sources, I encourage you to investigate the carnivore way of eating. It’s been the most profound change I’ve ever experienced in my body.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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