BNS improved digestion, mouth ulcers, and hair on a carnivore diet

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Shrinivas, known to his followers as BNS, or “The Indian Carnivore”, stumbled upon information on a carnivore diet through YouTube channel “Impact Theory”. He’s read hundreds of books, including Dr. Ken Berry’s “Lies My Doctor Told Me”, and through his research, discovered Dr. Shawn Baker’s approach to a carnivore lifestyle.

“In India, It’s extremely hard to get authentic information regarding health,” he says. BNS’s family complained about his excessive snoring, and he had tried several other ways to lose weight with little success. For him, the transition to a meat-based diet came rather easily. “My friends in school used to call me the ‘Meat Boy’! In the beginning, I was still eating rice and was able to lose about 20 pounds, but I went 100% carnivore three months ago during World Carnivore Month.” For 31 days in January, many people around the world implement a carnivore diet and track their progress throughout the challenge. It’s a perfect opportunity for those who are looking to make significant changes to their lifestyles and eating habits through a diet that focuses on animal-based foods.

In just three months since fully committing to a carnivore diet, BNS reports he lost 25 pounds in his first month! “My body composition has changed as well,” BNS shares with Revero coach Tracy. “I’ve lost more than 49 pounds altogether. It’s been the easiest way of losing weight. I even have abs now, without exercise!” He’s also been able to gain more muscle and have more energy while eating less frequently.

Losing weight and physical fitness gains were just some of the numerous benefits for BNS. Since making the switch, he no longer suffers from hair loss, and his digestion has improved, and has no more burping or bloating. “I used to suffer from mouth ulcers every two weeks or so, and now those have disappeared,” BNS shares.

For BNS, his own carnivore journey has turned into a family affair. In addition to fixing his snoring problem that kept everyone awake at night, BNS’s father has been able to improve symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. “My father’s blood glucose levels are stable, he’s losing visceral fat and experiencing better sleep.” BNS’s mother no longer has joint pain and her plantar fasciitis has gone away, while his sister has lost weight and sleeps much better. His grandmother is also on board the carnivore train, and now enjoys increased energy levels, reduced joint pain, better vision, and fat loss. As a carnivore family, their meat-based diet primarily consists of goat meat, crab, prawns and chicken. “You can say this diet has literally changed my family’s life for the better!”

BNS says he has found an incredible sense of community and a wealth of information thanks to the Carnivore.Diet platform. “It has given me the opportunity to meet fellow carnivores and constantly update my knowledge levels. Also, this platform has helped me to forge deeper relationships with people like coaches and community members like Tracy, Justin, Leah, NitiBali, Raymond and Brett, etc. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Shawn Baker and the Carnivore.Diet platform!”


Listen to BNS’s interview on the Revero podcast here:

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1 thought on “BNS improved digestion, mouth ulcers, and hair on a carnivore diet”

  1. Awesome BNS! They used to call me meat tiger when I was a kid, so we have that in common. Health and happiness to you & family!

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