Doug improved adrenal health, psoriasis, sciatica on carnivore diet

Greetings, my name is Doug. I’m 28 years young, 6’5, 192 lbs, and have been practicing a mostly carnivore diet with the exception of social situations for eight months now. Prior to practicing a carnivorous diet, I was plant-based, with a focus on detoxification, fasting, raw foods, and lots of fruit to reverse chronic issues.


Background And Health Issues Prior To Dietary Change

At age 19, I was living a not-so-health-conscious lifestyle, consuming copious amounts of fast food while actively involved in MMA, competitive paintball (NPPL), and riding quads.


It wasn’t long before I deteriorated two lumbar disks, developed a bulging disk, and fractured and dislocated my L5 vertebrae. It became very difficult for me to deal with the injuries and not be able to participate in the activities I was so passionate about. I ended up spiraling downward and consuming even more junk, as well as drinking alcohol and using other substances for the first time as a coping mechanism.


Fast forward a year or so, and I was a wreck. At this point, I had chronic joint and back pain. Skin rashes covering a 1/3 of my body, under active thyroid, which made it almost impossible to sweat, BP of 85/50, chronic fatigue, chronic constipation, and a list of mental and emotional issues to top it off. Oh, and did I forget to mention the Neurospine Institute diagnosed me with osteoarthritis?


Mucusless Diet Healing System And Plant-Based Journey

I sought help from so many doctors and experts, and all I ended up with was a dried-up bank account. This is when I found not just any plant-based diet but the MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM… by Arnold Ehret.


He proposed that mucus-forming foods are the cause of human illness and that man was biologically designed to consume only fruits and tender leafy greens. I jumped right in and began living on fruits and salads.


Boy, did I lose weight fast? From 200 down to 140 in 6 months. I will say that I felt less inflammation, and eating so much really helped with flushing out pounds of impacted fecal matter from the garbage I was consuming. I felt loads better with the removal of all the junk and still having the nutrient reserves to function.


I eventually balanced out with cooked starches and heavier foods, where I got back to around 160 pounds. At this point, the skin rashes cleared up, I had less inflammation and overall felt much better, although I felt very weak and was developing a poor relationship with food as I couldn’t EVER find satiation with my meals of fruit, salads, nuts, or starches. This way of eating continued for the next four years.


Mental And Emotional Issues During Plant-Based Journey

During my plant-based journey, I became certified as a detox specialist and iridologist and took plant-based nutrition courses to learn as much as possible.


After a couple of years into a plant-based diet, I began experiencing bouts of depression that progressively got worse as the years went on. My last bout of depression was crippling and lasted a couple of months when I shut myself off from the world and didn’t want to be awake.


Some of the other issues that had been progressively getting worse were my digestion. I would constantly feel bloated and fatigued after meals.


Socially I became a recluse and didn’t feel comfortable around people who ate animal foods lol I was also an active member in the Dr. Robert Morse cult that brainwashed people into believing we are a frugivore species. This was especially damaging because I felt I was harming my body if I wasn’t eating fruit or tender greens.


In December 2016, I hit rock bottom and fell into the most challenging bout of depression yet. I slept and binge-ate vegan junk food for a month, and soon I was 205 lbs of tub and edema.


I left the country in Jan 2017 to pull myself out of it and went to Costa Rica, where I began a 95-day coconut WATER-only fast from fresh coconuts. To my surprise, this was probably the best I ever felt during my plant-based journey. However, as soon as I reintroduced solid food, I began binging again, and within six months, my digestion tanked, and I was worse off, unable to digest any plant foods.


Coconut Water Fast And Reintroduction Of Solid Foods

At this point, I was traveling to different countries around the world, and it was a struggle just to go from one hostel to another. I remember waking up with such a horrible feeling in my gut and feeling overwhelming anxiety while in a tropical paradise.


I purchased a blood glucose monitor at some point. I would eat a couple of mangoes, and my blood sugar would shoot up over 250. This gave me a feeling of brain fog and fatigue.


At the beginning of 2018, while traveling in Asia, I began making this joke, “I want beef,” and watching YouTube channels of people who ate only animal foods. I was miserable and didn’t know what to do.


I literally couldn’t digest anything and felt depressed, slept 12-15 hours a day, and my joint pain was horrible! I came across Aajonus Vonderplanitz and read his book. He said that red meat cures depression and is a great food for recovering from fruitarianism. I walked down to a market, purchased lamb, ate it, digested it well, and it was like a light came on.


The feelings of depression and anxiety diminished overnight, as well as the chronic fatigue. For the next couple of weeks, I lived on eggs, butter, and ribeye steaks. Every day, I felt so much better and mentally stable. Those last two weeks in the tropics were incredible.


My digestive fire came back very quickly, and my strength began skyrocketing. At this point, my vegan wife began eating animal foods and reaping the benefits as well. I felt like I was reborn. The feeling of satiation after eating is priceless.


After leaving the tropics, I flew to Washington and began practicing a strict carnivore diet, where I consumed 2-3 pounds of beef a day with some butter. Over the course of six months, I gained 30 lbs of lean mass while, at the same time, feeling less joint pain and inflammation than I did on a fruitarian or plant-based diet.


My complexion was much better as well. After spending six months on a carnivore diet, I can now digest plant foods once again but choose to avoid them with the exception of social situations.


It’s now been eight months, mostly carnivore, and I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life without any major health challenges and now strength training on a regular basis without issues. Meat NEVER gets boring, and I’m always happy with a pound of beef and some fat on my plate and leave feeling content and happy.


I consume more than double the caloric intake from when I was plant-based and only got lean and muscular. This way of eating may not be for everyone, but it sure does work well for me and has really helped pull me out of a very dark place.


My top fav foods are beef, liver, heart, bone marrow, beef fat, eggs, and kefir.


Thank you!!!!


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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