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Jacob improved cardiovascular health on carnivore diet

Jacob has experienced so many benefits since switching to a carnivore diet 18 months ago. He has improved his cardiovascular health, arthritis, digestive issues, and blood pressure by eliminating grains and vegetables.

Growing Health Concerns

At 28 years old, Jacob was diagnosed with arthritis in his hands. Affecting the joints and other connective tissues, arthritis is characterized by inflammation that causes joint pain and stiffness. Since most people do not develop symptoms before the age of 40, Jacob was concerned by this early onset of symptoms.

The following year, Jacob received more concerning news. “At 29, I had my first colonoscopy and was diagnosed with diverticulitis.” Diverticulitis is a disease of the digestive tract that occurs when small, bulging pouches (diverticula) develop and become infected.

At 32, Jacob was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Also known as A-fib, the condition presents as a very rapid heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that puts the patient at risk for blood clots in the heart. With this diagnosis, Jacob was now at risk for stroke, heart failure, and other complications.

Fear And Debilitation Followed

Faced with these serious health concerns, Jacob had to make adjustments to his lifestyle and fitness routine. “I was a powerlifter throughout my twenties, but at 35, I couldn’t run or push myself hard for fear of triggering a-fib.”

Jacob notes that at age 27, he had started to gain more weight and says he developed “man boobs and love handles,” common indicators of an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in men. Combined with his heart issues, Jacob’s weight gain led to decreased mobility and poor digestion. “I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs and had very few solid bowel movements.”

Ditching Grains and Vegetables

A year and a half ago, at age 35, Jacob decided to make adjustments to his diet after finding Dr. Shawn Baker’s videos on Youtube. “Every time I cut out a grain or vegetable, I felt better and got leaner,” he recalls, sharing how he eventually adopted a meat-only diet.

Improvements on Carnivore

His results have been astounding! “I am approaching 37 years old and have 8.5% body fat, and run over 3.5 miles per day.” Other health markers have improved as well. Jacob reports lower blood pressure and higher “good” cholesterol (LDL) numbers. He has “zeros issues with a-fib,” and his diverticulitis is in remission.

Jacob enjoys better quality sleep and requires less of it (just 4.5 hours per night). During the day, he benefits from sustained energy and better focus, allowing him to be more productive and “get more done” than he could before.

With better cardiovascular health and stabilized blood pressure, Jacob has noticed better sexual health as well. He’s happy to report that since following a carnivore diet, “the benefits in the bedroom with my wife are off the charts!”

For those hesitant to trade vegetables, fruits, grains, and other foods for a meat-based diet, Jacob has a simple mantra based on his own health transformation: “Go carnivore, and live better!”


Steph improves mood, mental health, weight loss on carnivore diet

Steph switched to a carnivore diet six months ago and has noticed remarkable improvements in both her mental and physical health. “An all-meat diet has changed me as a person drastically!”

From Keto To Carnivore

Steph transitioned to a carnivore diet after following a ketogenic diet. A standard “keto” diet focuses on macronutrient ratios, typically allowing for no more than 10 percent of the day’s calories from carbohydrates, 20 percent from protein, and 70 percent from fat. The keto diet works by changing the body’s energy source from carbs to fat by placing the body into a state of ketosis. Fat is released from cells and turned into ketones which the body uses for fuel.

The carnivore diet works similarly by eliminating virtually all carbohydrates present in plant foods. Once Steph switched to eating only meat, she saw even better results. She has lost 50 pounds of fat but still “has a long way to go in the weight department.”

Mental Health Challenges

“My mind is what has gotten me through these first six months!” Steph is amazed at how much her mental health has improved in a relatively short time on a carnivore diet. “I’ve had depression and anxiety since I was a child,” she notes, and recalls being “scared to talk to people.”

Throughout her life, Steph struggled with suicide three separate times. “I should have been medicated, but I hated the numb feeling.”

Steph also describes her years-long battle with an eating disorder. “I was bulimic for 15 years. I would binge and purge every day at least twice a day. I never thought that would be something I could ever heal from.” Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that can be life-threatening. Binging on large amounts of food is often associated with a loss of control and is typically followed by trying to “purge” the extra calories by vomiting or taking laxatives. Consequences usually include severe nutrient deficiency, weakness, digestive issues, and damaged tooth enamel.

On the Path to Healing

As with any mental health condition, anyone suffering from an eating disorder should always speak with their doctor to discuss treatment options and address any resulting complications. Revero members are encouraged to bring mental health concerns and serious health conditions to the attention of a Revero coach or doctor. In Steph’s case, following a carnivore diet has helped her find healing and support. “I have not had an emotional outburst or a bulimic episode in the six months of eating nothing but meat!”

While it is difficult to pinpoint a direct cause of mental illness, many people who follow a low-carb ketogenic diet or a zero-carb carnivore diet report improvements in their mental health. One theory is that mental illness shows up as inflammation of the brain, and a diet that eliminates sugar and plant foods can effectively reduce inflammation in the entire body.

While following a carnivore diet is generally regarded as safe, it’s important to bring any mental health concerns under the advisement of a qualified medical professional.

For Steph, eating only animal products has changed her health for the better, and she says she is “not looking back!”

Daniel improves his digestion and weight loss on a carnivore diet

At age 32, Daniel was faced with a frightening dilemma: take an immunosuppressive drug to control his IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or take the risk that his bowel disease would worsen if left untreated. Daniel knew there had to be a better way and wondered if a diet change could be the key to healing.

Low-Fat Diet Disaster

In 2013, Daniel was following a high-carb/low-fat diet. His meals typically included noodles, rice, potatoes, chicken breast, tuna, and all the vegetables he could handle. “I began experiencing massive digestive issues,” he recalls. “My symptoms included bleeding from the rectum, mucus discharge, and incontinence. I was going to the bathroom over 30 times a day!”

Daniel was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and IBS. Imaging revealed that the first 35cm of his colon was badly inflamed and ulcerated.

Medication vs. Dietary Intervention

“I was put on the standard of care mesalamine in tablet and enema form,” Daniel explains. “My doctor, an IBD ‘specialist,’ insisted that diet had nothing to do with the disease.” This protocol seemed to only make things worse, so Daniel was later put on steroids.

“The steroids only offered temporary reprieve. As soon as I stopped taking them, the disease would come back even stronger!” The same specialist informed David that the next course of action to attempt to control his disease would be a powerful protocol of immunosuppressive drugs. Daniel researched the risks and decided to look into dietary solutions instead.

From Paleo to Carnivore

The following year, Daniel discovered the paleo diet and was relieved to experience some improvement. He eliminated processed foods and sugar, and focused on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds. “The paleo diet definitely helped, and I was able to improve my symptoms by 75 percent.”

But “better” was “still not great,” and Daniel still had to continue his steroid protocol. This put him at risk for a litany of side effects, including fluid build-up in the lower legs, high blood pressure, severe mood swings, behavioral issues, memory loss, and weight gain.

After two years, Daniel shifted his diet again, this time to a meat-only diet. Over the next twelve months, his results were beyond what any of his doctors thought possible. “I am now 99 percent symptom-free, and I feel fantastic!”

Life-changing Results

No longer encumbered by frequent and painful bowel movements, Daniel is “living the good life again!” Now 36, he hasn’t taken any medication in two years and has lost 28 pounds in the process. While weight loss wasn’t his initial goal, it’s certainly a “side effect” he is happy with! “In my mid-thirties, my abdominal definition and muscle tone are better than ever before.”

Daniel has serious concerns about the rise of veganism, a trend he fears could ruin lives. “I think that type of diet would most likely have killed me in the end!” Instead, he enjoys the healing power of a carnivore diet and the freedom and clarity it has brought to his life.

Paul improves mood, sleep, fatigue, and weight loss on a carnivore diet

Some background: 52 year old male, business owner with an advanced degree, married with two teenage daughters, no health problems, always considered myself fit and health conscious, avid cyclist (around 4,000 miles per year mostly road and some mountain biking, resistance training off and on during the year, mostly body weight over the last several years.

Diet-wise I would eat standard stuff, tried to stay away from french fries, eat my greens, etc. but nothing special. Since I ride a lot, I would do things like down a frozen pizza late at night after a hard ride. I have been a beer drinker from the word go so that often went hand in hand with post ride nutrition. Overall, too much alcohol over the last year or two with work related stress. With all that I did pretty well and my weight has always been around 170 lbs with decent body composition, maybe down to 160 lbs once or twice 8 years ago when riding a lot and training to race.

I first heard about Dr. Baker in October 2017 somewhere on the web, maybe referenced in an email from one of many subscriptions, regarding a powerful athlete that only consumed meat and water. This intrigued me and I did a quick search and found a podcast interview that he’d done. After that, I had to try it for myself so the first week of November I pretty much dove in to what was essentially low to zero carb with mostly meat. I also adopted the 100 push ups and cold shower protocols at that time. I started the squats protocol a few weeks later.

The results blew me away from the start. I’m estimating my weight before starting was around 167 and I had been riding a ton – 42 straight days in fact which was a long streak for me. I wasn’t trying to lose any weight on this protocol, but I dropped to about 155 in a week or so – probably some water weight I guess.

I measure weight on occasion just for fun, but I believe that all anyone needs is a full length mirror – and after about 10 days I looked as good or better than I ever have, including years ago when I lifted weights for fitness. Anyway, I’ve settled out at around 151 lbs. and 15% body fat according to my home scale, but aiming to add muscle weight from there.

Athletically, there was an adaptation period with some brain fog (pretty sure I wasn’t eating enough) and I would be sort of fatigued on fast group rides but I still hung in there and did okay. Since winter arrived I’m riding less and can’t really determine how this will affect my cycling until spring. I was skeptical about my doing the 100 push ups per day since I thought I would get too sore. Not the case. Overall I cannot believe how rapidly I recover after exercising.

There have been many days where I will do the push ups and squats in the morning and then hit the fitness center after work for a full body weight circuit (around 20 minutes) with around 240 total reps of various movements – and feel like I could keep going. For the protocol I’m now adding a weighted backpack, raising my feet for push ups, etc. I don’t believe I could have done that much work that often in the past without breaking down too much physically.

More significantly, my mood, sleep, ability to handle stress, and overall outlook on life have all improved enormously. My work is highly stressful – I’m a business owner and over the past few years I’ve faced a lot of difficulty in the business. I’ve essentially coped by riding my bike and probably drinking too much. Since starting these protocols, my emotional ups and downs have smoothed out, I have a much more positive outlook, and I have embarked on a personal improvement mission.

I am devouring podcasts about health, nutrition, business, etc. I am continuously going to the library to check out the latest book recommendation and have two to three going at any one time. Instead of sleeping until the last possible minute like I usually did, I am getting up much earlier as I have so much I want to do each day. Diet-wise, as Dr. Baker has indicated, I am gravitating toward exclusively toward beef and am finding other foods don’t quite do it for me.

Also, alcohol is much less appealing to me. It used to be that one beer tasted like “more” and I might have 2, 3 or 4. Now I can envision myself cutting it our or going to just an occasional light beer or wine/spirit rather than at least 2-3 beers every day. That alone is shocking.

I can’t say enough good things about this WOE. I am sure that the exercise and cold shower protocols are extremely helpful (I will probably continue all of them indefinitely), but for me it all starts with the diet. I truly believe that the carbs, among other things, just messed up my brain and made it difficult to deal with daily life issues and move myself forward like I should.

I wish I had found this much earlier, but I’m not looking back. My wife pointed out that one of the likely benefits is that I feel control over this aspect of my life. That, along with the other mental and physical benefits, is an incredibly powerful combination.

My goals for this year are to stick with the program (full carnivore in January) and see how I perform athletically (enter a bike race or two this spring) and just maintain my forward progress overall. Dr. Baker is the perfect person to promote this way of life using an intelligent and measured approach and exhibiting a lot of patience with the same questions over and over.

Plus, he’s my age so I seem to identify with him well. I will follow along closely and encourage others as well.

There’s probably a lot more that I could say, but its time for some push ups and squats.


Man heals from prostate enlargement, hypothyroidism on carnivore diet

Bob is 83 years old (August 2019), and began the Carnivore Diet in late 2018. Bob’s weight loss journey began with the Paleo diet 2 and a half years ago, then a low-carb high-fat diet 18 months ago. He then began the Carnivore Diet 8 months ago (January 2019) and that is when most of his weight loss occurred. He has lost approximately 6 inches from his waist and roughly 50 pounds (from 230 to 180).

In addition to weight loss, however, the Carnivore Diet has helped relieve Bob from symptoms of an enlarged prostate. For the past couple of decades, his symptoms included painful urination, occasional bouts of prostatitis, and restricted urination flow. Bob experienced immediate relief from these prostate symptoms since starting the diet in January 2019; no pain, no burning, and free flowing urine. For over 10 years prior to starting the Carnivore Diet, Bob’s PSA levels were on the rise, significantly exceeding the above normal reference of 4.0. By July of 2019, Bob’s PSA decreased to 3.1 points.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is a common condition that affects men as they age. About 50% of men between the ages of 51 and 60 have BPH, and that number jumps to 70% among men aged 60 to 69 and around 80% of men over 70 years of age. While there is not a consensus in the medical community as to the cause of prostate enlargement, it is believed to be linked to hormonal changes due to aging. The balance of hormones in the body changes with age, and this may cause the prostate gland to grow, bringing on a host of painful symptoms.

Notably, Bob had been taking Avodart to treat his prostate symptoms, but noticed no difference while taking the medication for 60 days or stopping it. The only other medication Bob takes is Synthroid for a thyroid condition he has managed well for more than 50 years. Bob remains active, and enjoys bicycling 3 times a week for a total of 100 miles.

Since following the Carnivore Diet, Bob has lost his taste for chicken, and has also eliminated eggs which seem to slightly increase his prostate symptoms. Now his diet mainly consists of high-fat dairy, lots of beef (mostly grass-fed), and some pork products.

Bob and his wife are so grateful to Dr. Shawn Baker and all those who promote the Carnivore Diet and lifestyle. He believes the public should be made aware of the wonderful benefits from eating this way, and his hope is that many more men will find relief from their enlarged prostate symptoms.

Michael treats coeliac disease on carnivore diet

Just 3 days after going carnivore, Michael was amazed by how good he felt!

Michael is 44 years old and grew up in New Zealand. Always known for being “tall and skinny” at 6’5”, Michael had a host of health problems including low energy, joint pain, coeliac disease, and depression.

At age 40, Michael found some success on a low-carb diet to help manage his coeliac disease, but still struggled with recovery after playing rugby at a competitive level. “After I stopped playing rugby, my weight went up to 158kg (348lb) which is the main reason I started the Carnivore Diet.”

Michael found himself in a rut working long hours at his job, and he suffered from depression and headaches. After learning about Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson’s success with the Carnivore Diet on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he knew he had to give it a try.

Just 3 days in, Michael was amazed at the changes in his body. “You know when you live your whole life feeling a certain way, you don’t know any different. I felt a thousand percent…easily 10 times better than I had ever felt!” In six weeks, Michael went from 132kg (291lbs) to 115kg (254lbs). “I just felt phenomenal, I was basically floating on air. I had NO joint pain, my mood was amazing…I was just loving life and excited about the things I got to do.”

However, six weeks after going carnivore, Michael veered off the path and fell back into his old eating habits with a visit to a popular fast-food restaurant. For two weeks, his joint pain and depression returned and he was miserable! “This experience made it clear that this is what I’ve got to do–the Carnivore Diet is not really a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle choice. It’s just something that’s gone to be done. I can’t go back to the way I was eating before.”

The decision to stay on the Carnivore Diet was a turning point for Michael. He found he was more productive at work, and even chose to walk 40 minutes there because he was once again free of joint pain. “My vision actually improved and my thinking was clearer. I do a lot of problem solving at work as a packaging designer and running the machines. I found everything was coming quicker and I was more productive.”

Given the success and improvements he has had, Michael is committed to this way of eating. “I can honestly say now that I wouldn’t have reached the age of 50 carrying on how I was before following the Carnivore Diet. I have a new lease on life! Meat does heal, and I’m walking proof of that.”

Brett heals depression, anger, nervous breakdown, insomnia on carnivore diet

Why I am a thankful carnivore… I was 1st diagnosed with major depression in 1990. In 1995 I started taking anti-depressants. This began a cycle of wellness vs illness that gradually tilted towards being ill most of the time. In 2007 I had your text book nervous breakdown. Crippling insomnia & anxiety joined the party.

Doctor put me on much stronger meds that included Effexor, Wellbutrin, Ambien, Remeron, Lamactil, Abilify, Seroquel, Ativan, Trazadone, Latuda & many more! From 1995 till the end of 2017 my brain chemistry was constantly under assault by these medicines that never really helped me for more than a few weeks at most. In 2015 I discovered I could treat my symptoms successfully with cannabis. I began LCHF diet & started walking.

By the end of 2015 I was off the anti-depressants. By the end of 2016 I was off the ativan (after 8 years of daily prescribed use). By the end 2017 I was off insomnia meds. But I was still dependent on cannabis. Even as a legal patient here in Florida it is very expensive to use & I hated being dependent upon it just to treat my mood.

Then I discovered Dr Jordan Peterson on Rogan talking about the Carnivore way of eating which led me directly to Dr Shawn Baker & this website! On July 16, 2018 I began living carnivorously. I have only consumed meat & water since that day. Ten days into the experience I lost all joint pain. Beginning on day 23 into day 24 I felt the depression symptoms all vanish. I am 100% free of depression now!

My anxiety problem gradually improved every day to where now 6.5 months in, I have no anxiety issues now to speak of. My skin which use to be VERY dry, cracked & peeling has cleared up immensely. I lost skin tags. My quality of sleep has improved dramatically. I frequently get 7-8 hours of sleep now.

The background noise in my head is all gone. My ability to observe has improved immensely. Every aspect of my life has improved since I began eating meat & drinking water. I am on zero pharmaceutical medications.

This is why I am a thankful carnivore now & forever!

Shaun improves weight loss, digestion, and energy levels on a carnivore diet

Shaun has been following a 90% Carnivore Diet for four months. Aside from an occasional non-carnivore snack, his diet mainly consists of ruminant meats (beef and lamb), some chicken, tuna, and canned fish. He also consumes a half dozen eggs per day.

Shaun notes, “I’m not religious about my diet, but I try to stick to it as best I can.”
He doesn’t track macros or calories, but he has found this way of eating to be simple and effective. He reports that his digestion has reached a state of perfection. “As long as I eat carnivore-based food, I have no issues at all.”

Since the beginning of his carnivore journey, he has not experienced any digestive issues: no diarrhea, zero constipation, no nausea, and no bloating. This was a huge improvement from where he started just four months prior. If you are struggling with any of these digestive issues, following the Carnivore Diet may provide you similar relief from an array of digestive issues.

While the Carnivore Diet allows for the consumption of a variety of different meats, ruminant meat such as beef and lamb are particularly noted. Ruminants are an ideal source of nutrients such as Vitamin B12, B3 and B6, selenium and zinc. These animals have unique four-chambered stomachs.

Unlike humans, ruminant animals have more flora to handle hard-to-digest cellulose found in plants. Humans cannot make cellulase, the necessary enzyme that breaks down cellulose, but microbes in the rumen produce it for these animals. Because of this, many people who previously had issues digesting vegetables notice a remarkable improvement when switching over to a meat-based diet.

During his first four months on the Carnivore Diet, Shaun has noticed a significant improvement in his energy levels. Increased energy is a common benefit to those who follow the Carnivore Diet, no matter your age or activity level. Like others have experienced, weight loss is another benefit of choosing carnivore-based meals. Shaun reports effortlessly shedding 2-3 kilos (4-6 pounds). Depending on your specific health goals and current body composition, the amount of weight you lose on the Carnivore Diet may differ from this, or fluctuate over time.

Shaun’s approach to the Carnivore Diet is keeping it simple! Unlike some eating plans, Shaun doesn’t worry about consuming 80% fat, counting calories, writing down his food for the day, or tracking macros. He finds the cuts of meat he chooses provide the perfect balance of nutrients for satiety. His simple approach to food creates less stress over what to eat and how much.

With the Carnivore Diet, you can simplify things like grocery shopping, food preparation, and meal planning. Many carnivores also report feeling hungry less often, and only eating one or two meals per day. While this varies based on the individual, you can look forward to incredibly delicious, satisfying, and nutritious food choices!

Robin heals from epilepsy, seizures, and joint pain on a carnivore diet

Robin is delighted to share her results with fellow carnivores or those who might be “carnivore curious.” This 57-year-old carnivore from San Diego notes that her story is not just about “looking cute in a bikini and losing weight,” although she did lose 35 pounds and 5 inches off her waist. For Robin, those improvements were just “pleasant side effects of going carnivore!”

Overcoming Epilepsy and Seizures

Robin’s motivation to change her diet stemmed from a desire to treat her epilepsy and seizure disorders, conditions she had battled since she was 22 years old. “I have tried multiple ways to control these disorders, using multiple medications or no medication, with varying degrees of success.”

Since 2008, Robin followed a ketogenic diet to help control her seizures, which she notes was partially successful. The ketogenic diet has been used since the 1920s to treat epilepsy and seizure disorders, an approach that has gained more widespread recognition in the last two decades.

“My seizure disorder did partially improve with keto. However, since I’ve gone carnivore, my seizures are completely gone! Not just improved or gotten marginally better, but they are GONE! That, to me, is like having a whole new life. It is amazing!”

Reducing Medication and Improving Metabolism

While hesitant to officially pronounce herself “cured” of her seizure disorder, Robin notes that she is only taking a fifth of the medications she used to take on a daily basis. “Reducing my medications is a major load off my metabolism! The anti-epileptic medications have multiple side effects, including things like osteoporosis that I would rather not get!” The Epilepsy Foundation warns that “people with epilepsy are at higher risk than others for developing osteoporosis and fractures from antiseizure medications.”

Loving the Carnivore Life

While working her way off the last bit of medication, Robin’s health continues to improve. “I feel awesome! I am back to my high school weight and muscularity, and I have no pains in my knee joints, which used to creak!” As with any reduction in medication, Robin works closely with her doctor to monitor her bloodwork and results.

A Pleasant Surprise

Robin also noticed “something strange happened,” as her skin tone and appearance have improved since switching to carnivore. People keep asking her about my skincare routine. “People tell me my skin is just glowing and luminescent! I am not using ANY skincare products at all at the age of 57. I don’t need them.”

Robin tells people she is simply “moisturizing from the inside out.”She believes this is another amazing thing a carnivore diet can do.

Sharing Her Secret to Aging Well

“I hope as many people as possible will try the carnivore diet!” Robin says. “What do you have to lose except your eczema, your IBS, your creaky joints, and all those other things that are wrong that we simply attribute to normal aging? That is NOT normal aging!”

For Robin, “normal aging” means “feeling awesome at 57!” Two years into her journey, Robin hopes to share her success with as many people as possible. “Carnivore on!”

Debbie improved kidney function, mental health on carnivore diet

Debbie, 68, was introduced to the ketogenic diet two years when her sister asked her for help finding low-carb recipes. “As I began collecting keto recipes, my interest in the low-carb approach caught my interest, and I decided to give it a try.”

Her husband of 31 years was more reluctant, however. He initially struggled to give up cookies, chips, and other high-carb snacks, so Debbie knew she’d need extra willpower if she wanted to see results.

Breaking Through a Weightloss Stall

“I began losing weight, but then I stalled and needed answers,” Debbie explains. She turned to Dr. Ken Berry’s YouTube channel and read his best-selling book “Lies My Doctor Told Me.” “I watched Dr. Berry’s video on what causes a stall and immediately gave up heavy whipping cream, artificial sweeteners, and limited my diet to the bare necessities.”

Debbie’s weight loss resumed, and she found that carnivore foods worked best for her. On a typical day, she consumes a half-pound of ground chuck or Johnsonville bratwurst, a local favorite for this Wisconsin native. She also loves chicken wings (cartilage and all!), farm-fresh eggs, and liverwurst.

Debbie is down to 134 pounds, surpassing her goal weight of 150 and ultimately losing 109 pounds since beginning her low-carb journey. She has gradually altered her diet to eliminate all dairy. She finds a 50/50 fat-to-protein ratio works best for her and has helped her maintain a healthy weight without feeling hungry between meals.

Commitment to Carnivore: No Excuses!

For Debbie, a “cheat day” or high-carb indulgence is not an option. “I’ve never cheated or had the desire to. I committed to a lifestyle change and will continue to do everything in my power to achieve it. Once I decide to do something, I do it. No excuses!”

Sharing the Health

Debbie’s husband, a former professional football player, had a stroke at 82. At Debbie’s urging, he agreed to follow a ketogenic diet and has lost 83 pounds. “He used to complain about knee and hip pain but no longer mentions it. He argued with me about my diet before he had a stroke. Now he doesn’t miss having cookies, candy, or chips. Wives, don’t give up on your husbands. They will come around!”

Debbie’s doctors (including her dentist!) are impressed with her results. After sharing Bowden and Sinatra’s book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” with her primary care doctor, he took her off statins. Her blood pressure is now within normal range. Debbie’s long list of medications, enough to “fill two shoe boxes,” has been drastically reduced, and her mental clarity and moods have never been better.

After suffering from polycystic kidney disease for many years, Debbie’s kidney function has improved from 32% to 44%, and she suspects that number to increase.

Debbie says her life has completely changed for the better since committing to a carnivore diet. “I just can’t keep quiet! I know the truth, and I want to share this with others so they can experience the joy of cutting carbohydrates from their life. ”


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