Mitch treated joint pain, parasomnia, fatigue on carnivore diet

Mitch is a rugby player and found the sport taking a toll on his body. He suffered a knee injury, explaining that “In 2012 I tore up my knee pretty good playing rugby.” Mitch had surgery to rebuild his knee, but rugby is a tough sport, and the damage kept coming.

He says, “After reconstruction, a few more seasons, and another injury I got the bad news from an orthopedic surgeon in 2016 that I would never run again (at the ripe old age of 25).” Not playing rugby left Mitch without much of his exercise program, and this made it hard for him to maintain his weight. He also continued to suffer from joint pain, saying, “I struggled with my weight and chronic joint pain for 2 years.”

Mitch was planning on working in law enforcement, but as he saw himself losing his fitness he began to worry that this line of work might be too physically challenging for him. His weight kept increasing and reached two hundred fifty pounds. He also had developed a sleep disorder, and was sleepwalking on some nights.

He developed anxiety, which became severe enough that he sought professional help. He received a prescription to treat it but didn’t end up using it. Mitch looked for a better way, and found it: “…l I found keto in early 2018. I had a little success but found it hard to stick to the diet.”

He found the keto diet was challenging to follow specifically and correctly, and “After months of plateauing, gaining, and losing I went carnivore late December 2018 after following Dr. Baker’s story closely.”

Mitch has gotten control over his weight, and says that he “lost 30 pounds, from 250 to 220 and counting, and went straight through the plateaus I had hit in the past.”

His joint pain is gradually improving as well, as his inflammation subsides. He says, “My joint pain is now only noticeable after strenuous activity, which I couldn’t even do before.” 

His improvement led to reviving Mitch’s career goals. He happily reports that “my knee actually feels so good that I was able to pursue my career goals, which are in law enforcement and passed the fitness tests with flying colors. Having tried in the past, I know this would have been impossible without this way of eating.”

Mitch notes some additional benefits of his diet: “Things I was pleasantly surprised by: I create almost 0 food waste, and the amount of trash I create is much lower than ever before.

I stopped having violent parasomnic sleepwalking episodes, and my sleep is the best it’s ever been. I was prescribed anti-anxiety meds earlier in 2019 and never filled the prescription. My anxiety is totally gone. I’m the happiest and calmest I have ever been. In short, it feels like I got my life back from eating steak! Thanks to the whole community who have been so supportive!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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