Matthew treated cancer and chemotherapy side effects on carnivore diet

Back in November Matthew was diagnosed with testicular cancer. His wife reports that “If you don’t know much about this, it’s a very curable cancer, but the chemo drugs and regimen is one of the worst there is.”


Matthew’s Diagnosis and Introduction to the Carnivore Diet


Matthew got through his chemotherapy, avoiding most of the side effects, with the help of his carnivore diet. This is his story of perseverance and healing.


At the time of his diagnosis, Matthew wasn’t on the carnivore diet. The day that he was diagnosed, his wife “forced him into it.” She had had her own carnivore experience and had learned how well the carnivore diet helped people eliminate inflammation and improve health. She knew that she wanted Matthew to have these benefits on his side during his cancer fight! Apparently, Matthew knew enough to not resist her push for the new diet.


Matthew was scheduled to start his chemo after Thanksgiving. His treatment regimen consisted of four rounds of three-week intervals, adding up to twelve weeks in total. A three-month program, which is known to wreak havoc on people’s lives because of the side effects.


On week one, Matthew was scheduled Monday to Friday, for 4 hours of infusions each day. He got through that week with flying colors, and no severe symptoms.


On the second and third weeks, Matthew was only scheduled to receive one infusion each week. The first week in, his wife asked the nurse “when he would start feeling crappy.” The nurse replied that he would, starting next week, “then he would feel ‘normal’ for a few days before it started over again.”


Matthew’s wife reports happily that “Well, it never happened. He honestly thought he was just taking the chemo well and decided he was going to eat “normally” at our family’s Christmas on a Saturday.” That is unheard of when someone is enduring chemotherapy.


Matthew’s Experience with Chemotherapy


Matthew didn’t escape the symptoms of the chemotherapy completely unscathed, and his wife reports that “next Monday after chemo, he got to feel what everybody else feels like during chemotherapy. He even threw up.”


Even so, he had been able to get through the difficult first round of chemotherapy without experiencing many side effects. Matthew continued his carnivore diet when he was able to return to eating. Throughout that week, even though he was back on the diet, he also developed mouth sores associated with the chemotherapy.


Matthew’s carnivore diet did save him from the majority of the side effects, and after being back on the diet for the remainder of the chemotherapy, he never experienced any of the other side effects.


The Benefits of Matthew’s Carnivore Diet During Chemotherapy


His ability to get through chemotherapy didn’t go unnoticed. Matthew had gotten through one of the most challenging types of chemo, and he had experienced no nausea. He didn’t even take all of his nausea meds.


His oncologist said, “In my 35 years of oncology, I’ve never seen anyone handle chemotherapy physically as well as you, you’re the best I’ve ever seen.”


He’s now in remission.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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