Erika improved reproductive health, skin, PCOS, psoriasis on carnivore diet

My name is Erika. I’m 34, 5’6”, and my highest weight was 278 lbs. I began the carnivore lifestyle on September 17, 2018.


From Keto To Carnivore: Optimizing For Her Body


I was on keto (20g net carbs) for three years prior. I went off the keto rails early in 2018 due to frustration. Keto is wonderful, but in hindsight, I just didn’t optimize for my body correctly, like I am now.


Struggling With Inflammation And Health Issues


This was tough. So many things were significantly improved on keto I was struggling to comprehend why I wasn’t feeling my best. The things that improved were my mental health, some weight, and hormonal regularity (PCOS), but I was struggling with inflammation.


My CRP returned at 6.1 two years in a row, which bothered me. Something was off. My doctor suspected it was due to my chronic UTIs, but to me, they seemed like another symptom of a larger issue.


Healing Chronic UTIs And Gut Damage


I was constantly on antibiotics as a child due to chronic UTIs and ear infections. I must have done at least three courses a year from ages 5-12. I’m certain gut damage has contributed to my inflammation issues.


Regulating Hormones With Carnivore Diet


Entering my teen years was no fun. My cycles were never regular; of course, I was just put on birth control to regulate them. I remained on that until my early 20s, when I learned more about the risks and was digging deeper into health and wellness.


It wasn’t until then that I was diagnosed with PCOS. In early 2016, about three months after starting keto, my cycles started to regulate somewhat. Now that I am Carnivore, I am almost on a perfect 28-day cycle for the first time. I ovulated 18 days into Carnivore.


This is perfect timing as I hope to have children soon.


Surprising Benefits Of The Carnivore Lifestyle


Today, my inflammation is decreasing day by day. I have not retested my CRP, but my weight is just pouring off of my body. I’ve lost 10 lbs. a month for the past six months. This is unheard of for me. Dropping weight has always been a struggle. Just when I think, “OK, next month, my weight loss will slow down a bit,” it just stays consistent… amazing.


I’m down to 210 lbs today. It has only been six months! My mental health has also improved further. Over the past months, I’ve noticed my anxiety and worry have substantially decreased, I used to go over and over the situation or problem in my head, but now I just let things go without even trying.


I had been experiencing psoriasis on my scalp for about six years. This has almost completely vanished! It flares a bit during hormonal changes with the onset of my cycle, but it is 80% better than before. It’s hard to explain…I just feel content, like someone cleared the drain, I was clogged, and now I’m clear in every sense.


No More Muscle Pain, Sunburns, Or Tooth Sensitivity


Some interesting things I’ve noticed since going Carnivore:


  • No muscle pain: I used to despise exercise.
  • No muscle pain: I used to despise exercise. Before, I would get up enough motivation to go for a walk, and my leg muscles would start aching instantly. I thought this was normal; it’s not. Three months into the carnivore diet, I started a step bet as I really was having the urge to move more. I was a mile in when I realized the pain wasn’t there. I thought I wasn’t trying hard enough, so I accelerated my pace, and the uncomfortable aching did not return. I’m now walking around four miles per day, 5-6 days per week.
  • My skin is very fair, and I no longer burn in the sun. I may get a bit red initially, but it quickly turns into a tan. (it’s also very clear and smooth)
  • In the past, I had an aversion to heat. I couldn’t tolerate it. Now it’s no longer uncomfortable, and I am far more tolerant.
  • My teeth are no longer sensitive to cold, my gums no longer bleed when I floss, and my dentist visits are easy. My teeth and gums are healthier than ever.
  • Sixteen days in, my toes ached unbelievably. I still have no idea what the hell that was.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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