Tani treats migraines, insomnia, scoliosis, conjunctivitis on carnivore diet

Tani’s Painful Childhood and Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Tani has been following the carnivore diet for the last year and a half. Tani describes her incredible health transformation. Her inspiring story includes how she has overcome a long list of ailments she’s had since childhood, including joint pain, daily migraines, scoliosis, insomnia, and a nervous system disorder.


Tani was born in the 1970s, as the vegetarian movement was starting to gain traction. Raised on a vegetarian diet, she recalls always being in pain, and figured it was a normal part of life. “My parents were hippies.


They wanted to seek out alternatives to what they thought was junk food, which in their view, was meat, dairy and eggs. I started feeling sick as young as I can remember, even while eating all organic and homegrown vegetables.”


Tani, now 47, recalls having several behavioral and cognitive issues since childhood, and notes that she would often experience nervous shaking. Due to hypermobility which led to joint pain, she started dance classes at an early age to build her strength.


“By age 16, I had developed very severe scoliosis, and I had to have a fusion surgery in my lower back to correct a 53% curvature in my lower lumbar.”


The pain from this and her other ailments took a toll on Tani in her late teens. “I had a bit of substance abuse issues due to depression, and I started developing cystic acne and stomach issues.”


The Miraculous Improvements Tani Experienced with the Carnivore Diet


After years of suffering and no answers from doctors, Tani stumbled upon the ketogenic diet, and after some success, transitioned over to the carnivore diet.


One of the major improvements she first noticed was with her memory, which had been terrible her entire life and made it difficult to learn and recall complex dance routines and people’s names.


“It’s mind-blowing when you’ve never been able to remember or recall information. There was a huge jump in my mental processing,” Tani shares.


Within two weeks, her severe acne, rosacea and dry, itching eyes also showed marked improvement. “My back pain went from an 11 to a 2 or 3, and my joints no longer dislocate constantly, which is amazing!”


Tani is truly grateful for finally discovering a way of eating that has changed her life. Even things she didn’t expect to improve due to a diet change seemed to miraculously change for the better.


“The shaking I had is gone, as is my insomnia. I sleep really deeply now, and wake up refreshed even if I’ve only slept for 6 hours.” Her doctors were also amazed that symptoms of osteoporosis have improved in the last two years, resulting in better bone density and stronger teeth.

Healing her inflammation has also allowed Tani to enjoy the beautiful Australia sunshine. “I can go out in the sun for hours on a blazing hot day, and I don’t get sunburned.


I had always spent my life hiding in the shade, but when I went carnivore, it was like my body was soaking it all up. It feels amazing!”


Intuitive Eating with the Carnivore Diet: Tani’s Approach


Tani practices intuitive eating and enjoys steak, salmon, oysters, sausage, and ham. “I believe the body starts to tell you what it needs, and it helps you do proper intuitive eating.” She also finds that butter has helped her hair grow more lustrous and her nails more sturdy.


The Supportive and Kind Carnivore Community


As she reflects on her remarkable journey, Tani shares a parting word about the support she’s received in the carnivore community.


“I’m always astounded by how supportive everyone is and how no matter what our background, politics or religion, there is a level of kindness that seems to bloom in people. There’s a kindness that starts to grow within you and you become more patient, and more able to listen.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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