Randi improves digestion, joint pain, and mood on a carnivore diet

Randi had always been overweight, and says, “I have struggled with weight loss MY ENTIRE LIFE.” She saw her clothing size increase to as much as 18 and says, “I have always accepted my body and been very confident, but always wanted to lose weight. I also have worked out very frequently my whole life, but it was a challenge because I had joint pain. My knees were so bad any type of high impact was a no.”

Randi wasn’t able to bend her knees all the way, and her hands were swollen all the time. Her feet were swollen as well. She also had lots of bloating and stomach pain.

Randi was eating a standard American diet (SAD), with lots of kale and sugary soda. She continued fighting to improve, saying, “3 years ago I went vegan in an effort to help my joint pain and lose some weight. How terrible that was. I gained 25 pounds, I was always starving, lethargic and developed severe digestive issues. I went from someone who could eat anything (including once a VERY expired yogurt) and not have it bother my stomach to someone who was bloated, in pain, was having painful BMs 6-9 times a day and a hemorrhoid I couldn’t get rid of. I was in misery.”

She says, “I heard Dr. Baker on Joe Rogan’s podcast and was instantly intrigued. As someone who had ‘you have to eat vegetables and fruit to lose weight and be healthy’ ingrained in them their whole life, I found it crazy you could eat only meat and feel good. WELL… that’s exactly what happened. I went carnivore at the end of March and have NEVER FELT BETTER. No more joint pain, no more brain fog, my skin is better (tho I never really struggled with any skin issues, it looks so much better), I feel energetic, lighter.”

Randi lost weight, shrinking down to a size 8. She now has no joint pain at all, and her hands and feet each went down a whole size (she works in healthcare, so she knows her glove size.) Randi now has normal BMs, and her hemorrhoid finally went away. She says, “My energy is through the roof!”

She notes that her relationship with food has changed. “I can eat two 16-ounce ribeyes in one sitting. I feel full; I feel amazing, I’m not groaning…I only want to eat food that makes me feel good. Food is my fuel; I eat when I’m hungry…not to celebrate, or because I’m craving it, or feel sad.”

Randi is grateful, saying, “I have lost 3 sizes since and have been able to do high intensity, challenging workouts I LOVE and could never do. Plus, it’s so refreshing not to obsess about what to eat. And to know what true hunger actually is and to eat when YOU ARE TRULY hungry and not bored or emotional or being social. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DR. BAKER, FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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