Elliott heals eating disorder, improves mental health on carnivore diet

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I’m going to keep this brief. I dieted down extremely intensely for a bodybuilding show 2.5 years ago. Afterwards, I developed bulimia. I was caught in a relentless binge/purge cycle, which consisted of consuming several thousand nutritionless calories followed by extended periods of fasting, extreme cardio and occasionally vomiting in an attempt to rectify the damage. This led to an ever worsening mental state and affected all areas of my life. It became an all consuming secret.

To solve my condition:

  • I tried eating intuitively
  • I tried eating vegan
  • I tried religiously tracking calories
  • I tried keto (helped initially)
  • …etc.

Whatever eating style I adopted, my bulimia ultimately refused to leave me. The voice remained. I was almost out of hope, that was, until I saw an interview Shawn Baker gave discussing the carnivore diet.

I’ve been eating nothing but beef and lamb for the last 3 months, and I can honestly and truthfully say I’m healed. There is no urge to binge that I’m forced to suppress 24/7. The waves of shame and guilt have dissipated. The onset of fear from being around binge-inducing foods has vanished.

This way of eating has cured my mental illness, and it’s due to people like Shawn Baker that are vocal enough to speak openly and objectively about stigmatized diets such as carnivore.

I feel better than ever and my performance in the gym has not suffered in any way. I am free.


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