Philip lost weight and improved digestion, mental health on carnivore diet

Nearly 100 Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey

I’m 46 years old, and this is my transformation from January 2018 – January 2019. For the first seven months, I followed the Ketogenic woe, and for the past six months, I’ve followed a strict carnivorous woe. I’ve shed nearly 100 lbs altogether, from about 370 down to 280 presently.


From Keto To Carnivore: My Diet Experiment

Eating mostly beef and drinking water, nomad predominately, sometimes 2mad, fasting anywhere from 20-23 hrs every day. On the weekends, I am dry fasting from Sat evening to Sun evening and continuing with a water fast til Mon afternoon.


OMAD And Intermittent Fasting: My Eating Schedule

The autophagy process is amazing, and intermittent fasting gels really well with this woe since you lose much of your appetite, and being fat-adapted keeps you satiated longer.


The Benefits Of Fasting: How Autophagy Helped Me

I also consume occasional shrimp, sardines, mackerel, beef liver, pork loin, Boston Butt, bacon, fatback, and bone broth, but beef makes me feel optimal, and I’m consuming about 2 lbs daily.


Beef Is Best: My Ideal Carnivorous Diet

I’ve eliminated all dairy with the exception of butter & a bit of hard cheese once in a while. I’m feeling terrific and brimming with energy in the fasted state.


No Dairy, No Problem: Eliminating Dairy Products

My mental acuity is as sharp as a tack, and my memory is improving greatly. No more reflux, no joint pain, I can run, sprint, and jump without feeling like passing out, my skin is in much better condition, sleeping like a log, pleasant dreams, no depression or anxiety, and I’m calm as can be. I have a ways to go yet, but I’m happy with the results so far. Never felt better!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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