Nathan improved severe depression, sleep, acid reflux on a carnivore diet

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Anyone who’s suffered from severe depression, or loves someone who does, will be amazed by Nathan’s story of how he healed nearly 20 years of depression with a carnivore diet, and experienced several other health benefits as well.

In his testimonial and interview with Revero coach Tracy, Nathan describes what life was like living under the gray cloud of depression. “I’ve had severe depression my entire life, and tried every treatment imaginable, including Electroconvulsive Therapy (shock treatments.) Nothing worked, and I found my mood was the same whether I was on or off medication.” Nathan struggled with terrible side effects and “torturous withdrawal symptoms” every time his doctor prescribed a new medication. “When I was down in the depths of my depression, I could never remember what it felt like to be happy. It was just constant hopelessness.”

Nathan was at the point of suicide when a good friend reached out and told him how much he cared about him and how much he hoped Nathan could find a solution that worked. Nathan had already been considering the carnivore diet since hearing Jordan Peterson and Mikhaila Peterson’s interviews on Joe Rogan’s podcast, so this friend’s message was the catalyst he needed to finally jump in. Nathan notes it took about two full months of strictly following the diet before noticing a difference in his moods. “After three months on a carnivore diet, I was catching myself waking up in the morning feeling bright, there was no fog in my brain. I could do my normal everyday activities without feeling like I was lugging around that ball and chain called depression.”

At 6’3” tall, Nathan went from 290 pounds to 210 pounds over the course of eight months. At 38 years old, he had also suffered from severe esophagitis and acid reflux for the past two decades. Other less severe (but still bothersome) issues Nathan had that cleared up on carnivore include dandruff, itchy skin, fatigue, and shakiness. With those symptoms resolved, Nathan has the freedom to fully pursue his voice acting career.

“It’s the simplest and easiest way to eat, ever!” Nathan reports. “It’s crazy how much money I save on food! I’ll eat pretty much any animal product, but I have found that beef satisfies my hunger the most.” Today, he enjoys making his own bone broth and focuses his meals around hamburger patties and steak topped with blue cheese. “When I cut gluten out and started incorporating bone broth, my digestive system started getting better, and my heartburn completely went away.” He no longer has symptoms from a hiatal hernia, and no longer needs to take antacids at all any more.

Nathan’s parents also follow a carnivore diet, and they both have healed from arthritis and have lost weight. “There are a lot of hurdles to get over, and the biggest one is who you spend time with and live with and what they eat” He stresses the importance of community, and has found it helpful to connect with other carnivores around the world. “It’s not a diet, it’s how I eat now, forever!”

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4 thoughts on “Nathan improved severe depression, sleep, acid reflux on a carnivore diet”

  1. You look fantastic! Just wait until you get on a lifting program and gain 15 #s of muscle. You may not believe it but lifting will improve your mood even more!

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