John improved hypothyroidism and inflammation on a carnivore diet

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John was always aware of the importance of diet and exercise to maintain his health, but it wasn’t until he started a carnivore diet 21 months ago that he truly discovered his best health. (His photos show his progress from the first 18 months, 30 lbs lost!)

“I’ve always been an exercise freak,” John shares in his interview with Revero coach Amber. “I was doing all kinds of at-home workouts or going to the gym five days a week. I had good results, but never physically got to where I wanted to be. But now, I’ve never been more toned or had more muscle in my entire life!” John used to believe that diet and exercise were both equally important in achieving the ideal physique, but after nearly two years on a meat-based diet, he’s convinced that what you eat is 95% responsible for reaching peak physical condition.

John had struggled to treat his underactive thyroid for 15 years prior to his carnivore journey. “My endocrinologist told me that it’s just not possible to ever get better,” he recalls. “I’ve been on two different forms of thyroid medication. Since I’ve started the diet, I have eliminated one of those medications completely, and reduced the other by 60%. People are surprised when they ask me what other supplements or vitamins I take when I say I take nothing!”

John’s endocrinologist, who happens to follow a vegan diet, has been “blindsided” by his results. “Over the past 21 months, my thyroid issues have gradually gotten better. I’ve had four physicals since I began carnivore, and I’ve been doing full lipid panels. My total cholesterol ratio is actually better than pre-carnivore, and my thyroid has shown improvement each time I’ve been tested.

John noticed several other improvements during his time on a meat-based diet. He used to have patches of dry skin on his arms and legs and dry bumps on his triceps. “I have not had a spot the entire time on carnivore,” he says. “My dermatologist diagnosed it as a form of pityriasis rosea. No matter how much lotion I used they would always be there. Both of those issues are completely gone now!”

“I used to take 400-800 mg of Ibuprofen nearly every day due to back, neck, and joint pain,” he shares. “I now take no pain meds at all since being on a carnivore diet!” John’s also eliminated inflammation, and only has flare ups if he has a cheat meal or consumes sweets.

John incorporates intermittent fasting, and typically has two meals per day. “When I first started carnivore, I ate leaner cuts of meat. The longer I’ve been on carnivore, though, I crave ribeyes and bacon more than filets. If I have a couple days eating leaner meat, I find my body craves more fat.” A typical day of eating includes three ribeyes, four eggs with cheese, and a lighter dinner of grilled chicken or burger patty with bacon.

What has surprised John the most with this way of eating? “Since I’ve been on a carnivore diet, I have gotten the physical results I’ve dreamed about when I look in the mirror!”

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4 thoughts on “John improved hypothyroidism and inflammation on a carnivore diet”

  1. John, congratulations! It’s always great to hear that carnivore cures darn near everything.

    What’s you diet consist of mainly, as there are a wide variety of C diets, everything from only steak and salt and water to lots of different meats, organ meats, cheese, dairy, eggs, fish etc.?

    I’m pretty much ground beef, a little fish, lots of eggs and sauerkraut for the last month or so and seeing great weight loss and great skin improvement.

    I’m glad to see people hanging in there for the long term!

    1. Thanks Bob. My diet is Ribeyes, Filet’s, Grilled Chicken, Pork, Sirloin Tips, Burgers or Ground beef, eggs, bacon, cheese sometimes i think that’s everything. So i just vary it up amongst these items. Only season any of this w salt that’s it. Fish is good but my body wants meat and chicken more as there are more nutrients in meat than fish and my body feels stronger, more energized, and full w meat compared to fish. Never felt better in my life!

  2. John – Congrats on drastically improving your thyroid function & health! Do you recall how many months in your thyroid numbers improved? Do you know if your t4 to t3 conversion improved? Meat is a good source of zinc & selenium, which are crucial for thyroid synthesis, so can see how it would help. I am getting started again with carnivore & hoping for results as phenomenal as yours for my thyroid & health! Thank you for sharing!

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