Deidre’s psoriasis has cleared up, hair growing thicker on a carnivore diet

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In just two months, Deidre has found success following a carnivore diet 90% of the time. “This journey has been amazing!” she shares with Revero coach Tracy. “I’ve already lost 12 pounds, but more than that, my body composition has changed. The scale isn’t moving as much, but the clothes that used to be snug are now hanging loosely on me.

Deidre used to start her day with joints and bones crackling and a sore back. At first, she blamed it on her mattress and the fact that she was 48, but she quickly discovered her diet was the culprit. “I feel better than I have in years! All of my psoriasis is gone. My eyebrows and hair have grown in thicker. This has been an absolute miracle.” The pictures Deidre shared are just shy of two months apart!

While she had been thin as a child and into early adulthood, Deidre noticed significant weight gain after her third child. “My hormones just went crazy,” she shares. “I tried a whole lot of different diets, including paleo and keto. The ketogenic diet didn’t work for me because I have no gallbladder. Overall, it didn’t seem to balance my hormones properly.” However, when a friend posted about the carnivore diet on social media, Deidre says she “fell down the rabbit hole” and began to seek out as much information about it as she could. After four months, she finally decided to take the plunge!

At first, Deidre had been hesitant to switch to an all-meat diet due to some complications with swallowing from esophagitis, an allergic reaction within the esophagus that causes food to get trapped. Eliminating meat, however, caused gastrointestinal issues, including constipation and gas. However, after switching to a carnivore diet, Deidre’s issues with esophagitis dissipated. “I realized it wasn’t the meat that was causing the issue, and now that I’m eating zero carbs, it’s completely gone. Honestly, 99% of the problems I had two months ago before carnivore are gone now.

Another win for Deidre is she no longer craves carbs or sugar. Previously an avid baker, her body doesn’t seem to miss the extra sugar and grains. “Your body is balancing itself out. When you crave things, your body is telling you that you’re missing something. So when you’re not craving anything, you know you’re doing something right!

Deidre enjoys being able to feel satisfied on two meals per day, and never feels deprived on her meat-based diet. Her main motivation is to avoid several autoimmune conditions that run in her family, such as lupus. “I’d like to prevent autoimmune issues rather than treat it later,” she says.

On a typical day, Deidre and her meat-loving daughter enjoy simple meals. Their first meal is typically bacon or ground beef and eggs, and their second meal is either hamburger patties with homemade mayo, steak, or lamb.

For newcomers, Deidre recommends phasing out carbs gradually over the course of a few weeks, and making sure to get adequate electrolytes. “Listen to your body!” she says. “Planning ahead is really important. Your whole life hinges on being healthy!

Watch or listen to Deidre’s interview on the podcast below:

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  1. This has also healed her Eosinophilic esophagitis (or at least put it into remission). It would be great if the keyword Eosinophilic esophagitis could be added to this video/blurb to help others with that disease find it.

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