Mitch healed from obesity, IBS, fatigue, ADHD, and prediabetes on the carnivore diet

When I was 23 my health was terrible, I had horrible IBS to the point I was going to the bathroom around 15-30x a day. I was around 380lbs and so fatigued that I forgot what it was like to wake up. I would spend my entire day fighting to stay awake, as you can expect my work performance massively suffered, I was going job to job, trying my best to stay functional. I would wake up hallucinating I was so tired after sleeping 9 hours.

At this time I was taking around 1000+mg of caffeine a day just to function at a bare minimum level, I had gone to my family doctor asking questions but according to him my bloodwork was alright pre diabetic, but no massive deficiencies. Also I was told to eat more fiber to help things out – spoiler alert it didn’t help at all.

I was eating a diet suitable for a garbage can, until I heard on a meat eater podcast from paul Saladino about the carnivore diet.
Right then I bought the carnivore code, read it front to back in a day, found his podcast and listened to everything he had.

After that I went mostly strict carnivore for 8 months (very occasional spoonful of honey) and lost 180lbs, my stomach was still struggling because I still drank coffee and would have a peice of fruit here and there.

After that I starting eating more fruit and honey as Paul’s new podcasts were suggesting, I started gaining weight, lots of it. My ibs, adhd, and fatigue started getting worse again. I got up to about 240, my eating disorder was back. I couldn’t resist the sweet.

Fast forward 2 ish years, I’ve been strict carnivore for 3 months now. Things are far better, I’m down to 220, looking far leaner with more muscle. My stomach is settling down and I’m starting to have normal bowel movements again.

For those of us who are really sick any deviation from strict carnivore can cause big repercussions. Since going back to strict carnivore, I’ve been able to cut caffeine out. I’m starting to taper off the Vyvanse that my doctor prescribed because my ADHD had got so bad.

I’ve never felt what it’s like to have real energy, I’ve been tired my whole life. It’s such a blessing for me to have real useable energy.

I wouldn’t say I feel amazing, but I do feel good some days. Before I never had a good day. I think I’m still healing from all the damage i have done to my self, I was in a rough state before all this, even with fruit and honey.

My energy levels are rising, my good days are getting more and more often. As I mostly have good days now, the bad days are fading out. My stomach really reminds me when I have any sort of deviation from carnivore as the diarrhea comes right back.

I also want to thank the Revero team for all the good work they put in spreading this message. It has saved my life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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