Scott improved sleep, gout, GERD, energy, libido, blood pressure, and weight on the carnivore diet

In 2010 after honorably discharging from the United States Marine Corps, Scott’s weight slowly crept up. Without the daily rigors and structure of military life, now attending college, Scott stopped paying attention to what went into his body, stopped caring for himself, and allowed his weight to balloon to 270lbs.

Scott’s life revolved around his wife, growing family, and being the best father and husband he could be to them. This left a significant void, himself. Where did his own health & wellness fit into this?

In 2016, Scott and his brother challenged one another to a daily step challenge, besting one another rigorously back and forth. In a matter of 6 months, dropping 51 pounds and felt great! However, permanent lifestyle & dietary change did not accompany the weight loss. Without having the needed lifestyle & dietary change for the long term, every one of those 51 pounds returned within the next year, plus a few more.

Fast-forwarding a few years, now with 3 children, relocation, operating a homestead and helping people in his community find employment, Scott now was having nights with episodes of Sleep Apnea, Gout, GERD, low libido, low energy – at 36 years old, a shell of his former self. On top of the world, a United States Marine, hiking 30km without missing a beat, now struggling to breathe at night.

This was unacceptable, something HAD to change and there was only one person who could make that change a reality, himself. As somebody who loves research, Scott looked into every diet and lifestyle out there, reading about Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo ect – then he came across Carnivore & Animal Based Diets. Reading and researching the works of Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Berry & Dr. Paul Saladino, Scott wanted to make the right decisions for long-term benefit, not short-term success. Tired of the yoyo dieting, losing and gaining, eating diet foods that tasted terrible, now holding a weight of 285 pounds, Scott dove in head first into a combination of Carnivore & Animal Based lifestyles.

On November 20th 2022, (just before Thanksgiving nonetheless), was day 1. Scott’s new diet involved 3-7 hours of exercise per week, coupled with an average of 30k steps per day (usually stepping in place while watching TV with his kids or at the park ect). Meats, eggs, fruit & raw honey were on the menu with meat being the primary focus. Scott stayed on point with his diet and exercise, convinced that his research showed he made the right decision for a permanent lifestyle & diet routine. Knowing this had to be a manageable routine for long-term success, something that could be done in 3 years just as easily as it could be done now, Scott had to develop his plan with care & trust in the process.

He was right; he made the right decision and has seen astonishingly great success. To date, Scott has dropped his weight by 92.7 pounds; blood pressure moved into perfect range, HDL/LDL to normal levels, dropped his Triglycerides from 243 to 53 and has lost all signs of Sleep Apnea, Gout or GERD. Let us not forget, energy & libido levels are through the roof!

Now that the snow has melted, the sun is out, Scott is outside playing baseball with his kids, running, raising the animals on the homestead with his wife, and healthier than he has ever been. Holding true to Carnivore & Animal Based has been easy to do, it is delicious, nutritious and it is the best foods on the planet. With 90% of their food grown on their property or on the farm down the road, it’s all there, easily obtainable and grown with their own hands.

What more could a former Marine ask for? He’s found success in betting on himself, his family beyond proud and happy, what was left? Company. His wife & children have joined him on his lifestyle. His children run with him and exercise, preparing for baseball & wrestling season and summer races, his wife has also lost 27 pounds, his children ask him to make homemade dinners instead of going out, Goldfish crackers replaced with berries & homemade beef jerky etc.

Scott’s life has dramatically improved to where there is no going back, it’s not an option, life is too good and too precious to waste on losing sight of one’s health & wellness. Carnivore & Animal Based lifestyles helped Scott take control and save himself. It is possible, it CAN be done.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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