Marion improved arthritis on carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Marion. My partner ( he is 67) and myself ( 63) began the meat diet last March. If we hadn’t did this way of eating we would not have believed it.

Eating Like Our Ancestors


I am of indigenous heritage and believe we should eat as our people did, but somewhere along the line, we are convinced this is wrong. Luckily we didn’t totally buy into it and still ate meat every day and enjoyed the fat, but when we went strictly meat, eggs, and dairy, the results were unexpected.


All The Benefits


Right off the hop, we noticed how much energy we had (almost Sex drive is way up. As it continued, it was amazing, NO MORE BLOAT OR GAS. ( I had taken up eating one particular salad with brussel sprouts and broccoli, and the bloat was unreal). Going on:


  • Sugar cravings went away
  • Sleeping better
  • No snacking & eating twice a day usually, sometimes once
  • Different kinds of hunger. The rumbling/shakes didn’t happen. I just felt hungry
  • Skin tags gone
  • No more hang nails
  • Hemorrhoids are gone (I had them for years)
  • Our arthritis went away
  • Backpain decreased significantly
  • We both have more muscle definition, the muscle is harder/tighter & we are definitely stronger, (we don’t go to the gym, our work over the years & daily living has given us good muscle)
  • Our eyesight has improved.


I apply beef/pork grease on my skin, and people have commented on how amazing my skin looks. They thought I was wearing face makeup, and one commented did I have surgery! Incredible. Not only that, but my eyebrows are growing back in after going years with only half brows.

I apply beef/pork grease on my skin and people have commented on how amazing my skin looks.  They thought I was wearing face makeup and one commented did I have surgery!

My partner is growing, just not thicker hair, but brown hair & in places, there wasn’t any. The white hair is turning brown on his head and chest.


He was also taking high blood pressure and gout pills after appx. For three months, he discontinued use. (I did not take any pills) Our attitude was happier ( not so cranky), and his depression decreased and eventually disappeared. My anxiety disappeared as well.


When we have fallen off the wagon, we notice arthritis, hand nails, gas, etc., return. Hence it is motivational for us to continue with the meat.


Other People’s Opinions


Overall, we have found the majority of people think we are killing ourselves with “ so much fat /meat/butter, etc.”


My brother was doing keto previous to our diet change, and we thought wow, that’s a little too much meat and ignored the diet. Once again goes to show how manipulated we were even though we knew better.


My daughter decided to give it a go, and she has had amazing results as well. She is 43, and when she went to her doctor for a check-up, she stated her test results were “ off the chart” and what she was doing. When she said the Carnivore diet, the doctor didn’t say a word! Interesting, eh?


Dr. Baker, thank you for all the info you provide. It is much appreciated.


Marion and Roy from Ontario, Canada


We did forget to mention although we were not hugely overweight, and that was not our reason for doing the meat, I lost 20 lbs. and Roy lost 26 lbs.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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