Jeremy healed psoriasis on a carnivore diet

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Jeremy from Sydney, Australia. Current Age is 40, 6’2” tall, weight is 100kg, 18.4% body fat


My challenges

I have had mental health challenges since the age of 18. I played semi-professional soccer for a number of years until injury requiring extensive surgeries ended those days at age 25. I have experienced chronic pain, nerve pain, weight gain, microalbmuniria, high BP, and insulin resistance. In 2013 at age 35 in the same month I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis.


Changing my diet to carnivore

After continually fighting for my health, I saw an endocrinologist that got me onto eating only when hungry and with lots of meat and vegetables. I lost 4kg this way and started to explore just eating meat. After hearing Shawn on the Joe Rogan podcast I was convinced this was something I had to try. At the time of commencing on Feb 26, 2018, I was 113kg and about 29% body fat. Today (July 9) I am 100kg and 18.4% body fat. While I started and stopped in January due to getting the flu, I have since been a consistent Carnivore.

It is so easy and so fulfilling.

Best health in years

My health has been in the best shape in last 6 years. I had a psoriasis outbreak in March and continue on a biologic medication for this and the PsA. In the time of meat eating I have resolved all GI upsets, energy levels are best in years, I am sleeping better, and I am moving better. I am able to do strength training again for the first time in 5 years as well as Jiu Jitsu 4-5 nights a week.


Perfect lifestyle

The way I am feeling makes this method of living the best decision for me. It is so easy and so fulfilling. I generally eat 1-2 times a day and sometimes once. Fatigue from Autoimmune illness is the most common issue and this method alleviates that dramatically with a profound impact on my lifestyle. While I still have some tendon/ligament pain and my skin is still slowly recovering, the way I am feeling today cannot be beaten.


I am looking forward to the next 6 months to see where my health is and fitness goals are achieved.

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1 thought on “Jeremy healed psoriasis on a carnivore diet”

  1. Just here to confirm my own experience. I go pure meat and veggies and my Psoriatic arthritis disappears. My skin clears, and generally I go from feeling like I was in a car crash when I wake up, to 60 improvement within 3 days of cutting sugar and starch, and a 90%+ improvement after 3 weeks

    It combines with seasonal depression because I generally eat like crap around the holidays, and the depression is obviously made worse by the pain and weight gain.

    I’m 39, and this Extreme auto-immune arthritis caused by diet, started a few years ago around 36 or so, but prior to that it would show up as Scaly skin on my face, and extreme psoriasis on my scalp.

    Time to take the bull by the horns. Christmas is in 5 days but I’m not delaying any longer. Diet starts tomorrow!

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