Chris treats diverticulitis, sleep apnea, kidney stones on carnivore diet

You won’t want to miss hearing Chris share in his own words about his triumphant carnivore story! See for yourself his amazing before and after photos in this video, and find out how he reclaimed his health by losing over 220 pounds, healed from diverticulitis, overcame sleep apnea, and more on the carnivore diet.


From Overweight to Triumphant: Chris’s Carnivore Story


After 18 months on the carnivore diet, Chris has an entirely new outlook on life. “I am off all prescription medications and daily supplements. I went from being unable to walk to training for my first 5k race in just a few weeks.” In this relatively short amount of time, Chris also overcame depression, diabetes, gout, kidney stones, and ocular migraines.


The Frustrations of Conventional Diets


“I was overweight my entire life,” Chris shares,”and I was the stereotypical ‘fat kid’ who got bullied a lot growing up. Despite being interested in health and being an EMT and herbalist, I continued to deteriorate. I was always looking for answers, that magic berry that they were going to find in the Amazon that would help me lose all of my weight and get healthy.”


After trying “every diet on the planet”, including vegetarianism and extended fasting, Chris recalls the scales topping at over 500 pounds. “I had a lot of daily pain and suffering, I was unable to participate with my family and couldn’t enjoy places.


I would sit on the bench at the theme park while my family went off and had fun without me.” Chris struggled to find practical advice from nutritionists and personal trainers.


A Near-Deadly Wake-Up Call


“A wake-up call in the form of a near-deadly diverticulitis flare is what finally prompted Chris to try the carnivore diet. “I wound up in the hospital with a perforated colon,” he recalls. “Lying there on a hospital bed, I knew that something had to change, or I would not be around much longer.


When I closed my eyes, I honestly did not know if they would open again.” Chris explored several zero-carb communities online and was inspired by so many success stories. He decided to try it for 30 days, and lost nearly 45 pounds in that short period of time.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


“I felt absolutely amazing! All of my health conditions very quickly cleared up–I never had one single symptom of diverticulitis, gout or kidney stones ever again.” Today, Chris enjoys waking up every day with energy, vitality and joy.


“You don’t realize how depressed you are until you come out of that tunnel after 20 years. It’s like the carnivore diet completely rewired my brain.” This new-found confidence led to a promotion at work, first prize in a weight loss contest, and a new career as a certified health coach and hypnotherapist.


Chris’s New Outlook on Life and Career Opportunities


Chris enjoys a “species-appropriate diet” of meat, fish, eggs, and some dairy, while drinking only water. He occasionally incorporates fasting, but believes “the carnivore diet was the key. It unlocked the metabolic prison I was in and set me free!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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