Ramiro improves weight loss, mood, focus, and energy on a carnivore diet

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Ramiro’s carnivore story is a must-watch for men who have struggled with their sexual function. Over the last eight months following a meat-only diet, Ramiro has healed from erectile dysfunction, low energy, depression, and obesity.

Initially following a ketogenic diet, Ramiro finally saw improvements with his erectile dysfunction (ED) just six weeks after shifting to the carnivore diet. “I went from taking Viagra all the time to now going a week without taking it and I perform just fine. Carnivore took me to the next level.” Being able to reduce and eventually eliminate his ED medication was a huge motivator for Ramiro to continue the carnivore way of eating. Many men who struggle with ED may believe that a pill is the only way to treat symptoms, but more and more men are finding improvement by simply switching to a carnivore diet. Be sure to check out these other men’s reproductive health carnivore success stories!

The benefits don’t stop there, however. “I’ve seen improvement with my body composition. I’ve been stronger at the gym, and I can see a lot more muscle definition on my chest. I’ve lost 24 pounds, going from 185 to 165, and I look and feel stronger. I have more energy, my mood is great, and I’m happier, more stable and calm.” Ramiro enjoys being able to wake up early and he focuses on shifting his mindset to accomplish his goals both at the gym and in his professional life.

Ramiro was surprised to find that he no longer desires alcohol while following the carnivore diet. “I used to drink a lot of beer,” he recalls, “I used to party a lot a few years back, and now, with carnivore, I don’t even crave alcohol any more. I still had cravings on the ketogenic diet, but now with carnivore, that’s completely gone.” It is common for cravings for alcohol and other substances to decrease while following a meat-based diet. For more articles and success stories about alcohol and the carnivore diet, see here.

Focus, motivation, and the desire to crush his goals keep Ramiro following the carnivore path. “I’m just so focused on my goals, and I feel great. I’m very happy that I’ve improved my ED symptoms, and am able to cut back on my medication and quit alcohol. From being stronger at the gym to having a focused energy and mindset has just changed my whole life.”

Beyond just physical and mental benefits, Ramiro has enjoyed emotional growth that has allowed him to strengthen his family relationships and maintain better friendships. Having a better outlook and healing from mental health symptoms inevitably leads to healthier interpersonal relationships that may have been a struggle in the past. “It even affects the kind of people I attract and choose to hang out with,” Ramiro shares.

Whether online (like here in the Revero community) or in-person with other like-minded carnivores, having a tribe of support behind you can make all the difference in your journey to better health on the carnivore diet. “It’s fantastic!” Ramiro shares. “I would recommend the carnivore diet to anyone.”

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