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Barbara S heals from anxiety and digestive issues on a carnivore diet

Barbara is a 54-year-old mother of 3 grown girls with her first grandchild on the way. She was in the radiology field as an MRI technologist for 35 years. She has scanned many metabolically unhealthy people with intramuscular and visceral fat over the years. She has witnessed the overall decline in the health and a rise in obesity in many

Alex gets relief from PTSD, weight, joint pain, heart burn, and ADHD on the carnivore diet

Alex, 57, is a carpenter and lives in Colorado. He grew up in Boulder and likes to ski and race mountain bikes.   From Struggling to Thriving: Alex’s Journey with Carnivore Diet   Alex longed to be a natural athlete but always had to “struggle” for his performance.   Anytime he got fit, Alex restricted his calories and exercised “like

Water: The Classic is Back!

Every animal on the planet drinks water; it works well for hydration. Seventy percent of your body is made of water. It’s all you need to drink, and as you get unhooked from sugar and artificial sweeteners, you’ll come to enjoy it. If you want to go crazy, get some sparkling water. Although you might feel like you might die

James gets off all psych meds on a carnivore diet

From a lifetime of mental health issues to a new hope with Carnivore    My name is James. I am 27 years old and have suffered immensely from mental health issues since I was 6 years old. I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on psych medication in kindergarten. I also was depressed as a child, which progressed as I

Ryan healed depression, obesity, sleep apnoea, addictions all from a carnivore lifestyle

Ryan’s Struggle with Food Addiction and Weight Gain   Ryan spent many years of his life yo-yo dieting. He experimented with vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets but had relatively zero success. At his heaviest, Ryan weighed over 340 pounds.   Ryan says he recognizes that he has a food addiction and an addiction to beer. Ryan also developed severe bloating

Catrina overcame eating disorder and drug addiction on a Carnivore lifestyle

Catrina’s Struggle with Food   Catrina felt she needed to restrict her eating, even as a child. Catrina describes living by the mantra, “You are what you eat,” when she was young. However, Catrina didn’t realize what she was eating, or mostly not eating, affected her overall health.   Catrina says she grew up eating the Standard American Diet but

Misty healed from alcoholism, hypertension, and eczema on a low carb meat based diet

Health Issues Misty Faced Before Going Carnivore   Misty describes herself as a “skinny kid.” She says she came from a big, loud family that liked to have parties with large meals. She grew up eating anything she wanted without worrying about weight. She ate a lot of carbohydrates and said she developed a “salty and crunchy tooth.”    However,

Eric kicked depression/anxiety and an opiate addiction on a carnivore diet

Eric’s Early Struggles   Eric’s problems began at an early age. His parents were trying to follow diet guidelines and didn’t understand how carbohydrates could drive eating disorders. He was a heavyset kid, living with great stress from his parents’ failing relationship.    Eric’s diet was the standard American diet (aka “SAD”), which included meat, lots of carbs, and sweets.

5 reasons carnivore diet can aid in drug and alcohol recovery by coach Emily R

It’s sugar free- Sweet food triggers the same dopamine (pleasure) receptors that are triggered by substance abuse. Many people find they gain weight when they become sober from drugs and alcohol, because they have replaced their addiction to drugs or alcohol with an addiction to food. A carnivore diet doesn’t include any sweet foods and therefore isn’t likely to develop

Jeff eliminated his type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Jeff has had incredible success combining fasting with a carnivore diet. He has lost 85 pounds (from 270 to 185) and has kept it off for over two years. In addition, he reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his high blood pressure, eliminated inflammation in his joints, and completely reversed sleep apnea.   Struggles With Weight and Dependence on Sugar

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