Barbara S heals from anxiety and digestive issues on a carnivore diet

Barbara is a 54-year-old mother of 3 grown girls with her first grandchild on the way. She was in the radiology field as an MRI technologist for 35 years. She has scanned many metabolically unhealthy people with intramuscular and visceral fat over the years. She has witnessed the overall decline in the health and a rise in obesity in many of her patients. In fact, the average male AND female weight is 200 pounds and climbing by her and her colleagues’ calculations.

Barbara’s story is not uncommon among women her age. She began dieting and exercising when she was 11 years old. For 42 years she has had a poor relationship with food, often times calorie restricting, binge eating, over eating, and excessive exercising. Eating less and exercising more for most of her life had wreaked havoc on her hormones and she was chronically fatigued. She found yoga 9 years ago and transitioned from being an avid runner to primarily yoga and walking. Some of her joint pain, anxiety, and carpal tunnel symptoms resolved from her yoga practice and doing less excessive cardio, but she still had anxiety, digestive issues, and general malaise. Barbara decided to follow her passion of helping people feel better through the practice of yoga and opened a yoga studio 3 years ago.

Barbara tried the vegan diet for about 1 year in which she lost a significant amount of her already thin hair and weight. She began supplementing heavily. She evolved to a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting 4 years ago after her vegan stent, but still had issues with binge eating processed foods. She found Vinnie Tortorich in 2022 and started NSNG, cutting out heavily processed foods, sugars, and seed oils. After hearing Dr. Baker on Vinnie’s podcast, she slowly started going down the carnivore rabbit hole.

She learned as much as she could about the carnivore diet from Dr. Baker and other carnivore influencers by listening to podcasts and reading books. After being on the carnivore diet for nearly a year, Barbara has finally kicked her sugar, carb and alcohol addiction to the curb. She never thought this could be possible. She could go a few days without the culprits, but never long-term with any consistency. Once she began this way of eating and became fat-adapted, her carb and alcohol cravings subsided. Being a carnivore has truly changed her relationship with food and alcohol.

Finally, Barbara has found the balance between this satiating way of eating + exercise that works for her and feels better now in her 50s than in her 30s. Several of Barbara’s chronic health issues have resolved. She saw results within less than a week. She began sleeping better without night sweats, her bloating and indigestion issues went away completely, her energy rebounded, and her skin became clearer. Her carpal tunnel flare-ups are gone. Her symptoms of perimenopause and hypothyroidism are all but gone. Her joint pain has lessened significantly, she has more mental clarity and hasn’t suffered a hemorrhoid flare up since beginning the carnivore diet. Also, her menstrual cycle has come back with regularity! She is convinced this high fat carnivore diet has finally regulated her out of control hormones. She supplements only with iodine, vitamins D3+K2, and magnesium and is saving a ton of money!

Barbara recommends this way of eating to anyone who wants to heal their bodies and minds from the inside out. She anticipates that her success and results with eating high fat carnivore will only continue to improve her health.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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