Yecca is aging backwards on the carnivore diet

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As a child, Yecca was always overweight, reaching 199 pounds when she was in high school. She tried every diet unsuccessfully, including lemonade diets, counting calories, plant-based diets, eating more salads, gluten-free diets, and a Paleo diet.

Having lost weight before starting the Paleo diet, Yecca found herself gaining weight on the diet. A chef by trade at that point, she had been focusing on preparing a lot of paleo treats and had gained between twenty and thirty pounds because of this.

A year later, she continued to struggle with chronic Candida infections despite trying creams, supplements, powders, and formulas. Yecca observed that all Candida diets were very low in sugar but still included fruit, which she knew contained a lot of sugar.

Yecca also suffered from brittle nails, dry skin, and her hair falling out since she was in her 20’s. She had dark circles under eyes, and “I had really debilitating joint pain in my hips and knees. I have scoliosis, and a lot of times when I would bend down to pick something up, my knee would hurt so bad that I would have to stay crouched down until the pain went away. And with my hip, it would lock. Or I would just be walking, and one of my hips would lock into place, and I would have to just stand there. And I was in my early 20’s. And, I was also depressed.”

She also suffered from irregular, painful menstrual periods: “I had irregular periods, never 28 days, and they were very painful also, just curl up into a ball in really big pain.”

Finding a testimonial about the carnivore diet from someone with similar issues, Yecca decided to try it for 30 days and started improving. She also saw improvements in her mood, saying “I didn’t realize how depressed I was until I started going Carnivore. My Ex that I was with at the time wasn’t very supportive and thought animal fat wasn’t good for you.”

Yecca’s breakfast is commonly pork chops, and her favorite beef is longhorn beef. She eats lots of burgers for lunch and dinner, about 2.5 pounds of meat each day. She explains, “Even though I was eating three times a day before, with many snacks, always wanting to eat more, but when I switched to this way of eating I started being satisfied.” She even cut out chocolate chips after realizing that only 3 per day were causing bloating.

She had always hated exercise, but found her body composition was changing. After two years on the Carnivore diet, Yecca tried working out but always felt worse afterward. She stopped for six months, then tried the gym again and had no problems this time! Her body just needed more time to heal.

Yecca found almost complete relief from her menstrual discomfort and says that “every year since I started eating this way, I feel younger and I look younger, and I never want to stop!”

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1 thought on “Yecca is aging backwards on the carnivore diet”

  1. joseph provencher

    I cant believe that this lifestyle effects all people in such a positive way. Male, Female Young Old. I am turning 60 years old this year and i will have lost 60lbs by 60. I have never felt better. The biggest thing that i have taken from my journey the thing that makes everything clear is when Dr Baker said “Break your relationship with food” I tell people “For crying out loud Food has its own Network” stop letting food dictate what you do everyday. Once your head fog clears you look back and realize how easy it is to live a happy and healthy life. Good luck to everyone.

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