Stephanie is more resilient under stress and has improved digestion on a carnivore diet

This is Stephanie, and she’s been eating carnivore for two years. She is a type I diabetic and used to struggle with digestive issues, scalp psoriasis, and, since she was a kid, ADHD.

In 2014, Stephanie was diagnosed with IBS and was told to eat low FODMAP foods (fermentable carbs that can cause painful gas and bloating), take probiotics, and eat lots of fiber. Eating became very confusing for Stephanie as she tried to figure out what to eat. She would double over in pain from the gas and bloating after a meal full of veggie fiber.

Along with IBS, Stephanie’s scalp psoriasis continued to flare. She stopped taking Adderall because of the side effects and experienced problems in school because of her ADHD. This continued for a few years before she would find a solution.

Stephanie started to wonder if she could live without plants and knew that “when I ate bacon and eggs and just ate meat, I didn’t have any issues.” So in March of 2018, Stephanie decided to participate in March Meatness and eat only meat for the month.

After a month of eating only meat—no plants—Stephanie declared, “I felt great.” She noticed that her skin had cleared up and that her hair and nails had begun to grow. Because she saw benefits early on, Stephanie decided to continue eating only meat.

Over the next two years, Stephanie’s scalp psoriasis and digestive issues resolved. She now doesn’t need any digestive enzymes and declares that “everything works like clockwork.” There is no painful bloating after eating, and my “pants fit after a meal.”

Since going carnivore, Stephanie can focus and concentrate in ways that she previously could not do without medication. She earned her associate’s degree in Health and Fitness Science and is working on her bachelor’s degree in Community Health.

In addition, Stephanie’s insulin levels are very stable, and she “has minimal insulin needs now.”

Stephanie also credits her carnivore diet for the great results when she exercises—she’s gaining more muscle with weightlifting and has “good, steady energy.”

Stephanie used to joke about wanting to eat cheeseburgers all the time, and although she doesn’t eat dairy because it makes her insulin levels go up, she does get to have a burger every day. She also remarks, “Who wouldn’t love to eat a steak?” “That’s most people’s cheat meal, and that’s my dinner!” Stephanie typically has eggs and bacon for breakfast, an 8 oz burger or chuck eye steak for lunch, and fish or steak for dinner.

Stephanie eats when she is hungry and eats until she is full. She recommends not eating a specific volume of food or eating based on the clock. For her, vegetables are “like a condiment” and are optional. This balance strategy has provided good function for her.

She says that her life is worth living because of how good she feels and that “life is really good.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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