Michael has benefited from 5 years of Keto and 2 years of the Carnivore diet

Michael is a Naturopathic student with a history of using ketogenic diets to cut weight for Muay Thai competitions. He had been on a ketogenic diet full time for the previous five years, when he saw Shawn Baker, MD interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience. He decided to give it a try!


Michael’s Transition to the Carnivore Diet

At the time of his interview, Michael had been on the carnivore diet for about a year, with great benefits. He had chronic pain in his upper back and hip that had improved with functional rehab but wasn’t ever 100% better until switching to carnivore. After switching, his pain was gone “Probably in about three days.”


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Michael

Michael says following the carnivore diet “was actually really easy for me. I’m used to being the odd one out always ‘it’s Mikey, he’s crazy, let him do whatever he wants’ but I’ve been going strong for about a year.” He also noted that his family are hunters and had a freezer full of venison.


Michael did find his diet took a bit of getting used to as far as what was on his plate, saying “It was kind of odd at first; I used to always make just huge meals full of vegetables, very little carbs, maybe tomatoes and avocados, and meat. Cutting out the vegetables seemed a little naked.”


The more Michael learned about the science behind it, the easier it was to understand how it would work.


Michael’s Experience with Fasting on the Carnivore Diet

Michael didn’t use any of the keto junk foods like keto cookies during his ketogenic diet phase but did top off his foods with organic olive oil or coconut oils.


He now eats breakfast once every 2 weeks, but usually fasts until 1 pm, then eats a meal of ribeye, short ribs, or sirloin. For dinner, Michael enjoys a different cut of meat and a lot of butter. His girlfriend makes bone broth from the bones, and also follows a carnivore diet. Michael says that he only eats liver about every 10 days, or when he decides it’s time to.


Michael enjoys raw dairy, as in his home state of Arizona it is legal to buy raw butter or raw milk. He says that he enjoys buttermilk and salt.


Michael fasts periodically, up to eight days, though he’s working up to 10-day fasts. He experiences lots of energy during fasts, some cleansing symptoms, and doesn’t need as much sleep. Michael loses about a pound a day when fasting, and his sense of smell is heightened, which he says is fascinating but also makes food smell better, which is sometimes challenging.


Michael’s Improved Energy and Endurance

Since childhood, Michael had trouble waking up and would “hit the snooze alarm ten times and take naps during the day. Lots more energy now, no problem waking up at all!”


Michael also notes, “I’ve definitely increased my muscle endurance” and is able to do longer Jiu Jitsu sessions.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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