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Steve improved his depression and has not had a seizure on a carnivore diet

The old Steve The new Steve Hi, my name is Steve. I would like to share my story in the hopes that it will inspire others.   A Life-Changing Injury   I’m 34 years young. In my 20s, I was a footballer. I played 3rd & 2nd grade for Manly Marlins. I was your average young guy who loved to

Kurt improved his digestion, mood and anxiety on a carnivore diet

Growing up I had gut issues the majority of my childhood. I would regularly get bloated and experience stomach cramps and diarrhea after meals.   All the while others eating the same foods would have much less of a reaction. I saw several specialists, experienced several uncomfortable exams and tests and we never found a “cause” that was treatable in

Katya improved digestion, bladder and kidney pain on a carnivore diet

Katya’s Journey into Raw Veganism and Health Problems   My name is Katya. Basically, I was a Raw Vegan and pioneer of the lifestyle in Australia some 20 years ago. I opened the first Raw and living foods cafe, way ahead of its time, then went on to teach classes, programs and run retreats.    I have a background in

BNS improved digestion, mouth ulcers, and hair on a carnivore diet

BNS’s Discovery of Carnivore Diet   Shrinivas, known to his followers as BNS, or “The Indian Carnivore,” stumbled upon information on a carnivore diet through the YouTube channel “Impact Theory.” He’s read hundreds of books, including Dr. Ken Berry’s “Lies My Doctor Told Me,” and through his research, discovered Dr. Shawn Baker’s approach to a carnivore lifestyle.   The Benefits

Callan improved energy, dental health and muscle tone on carnivore diet

Transforming Health and Physique with the Carnivore Diet   It has long been said that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and for 23-year-old carnivore Callan, the old adage holds true! After just three months on a carnivore diet, Callan shares a number of positive changes to his health, both inward healing and outward improvements to his physique.   Surprising

Melissa improved chronic fatigue, PCOS and endometriosis on carnivore diet

Melissa’s Health Challenges: The Journey to a Carnivore Diet   Melissa began her search for a proper diet because she saw that her health was unstable. Over the years, she had seen her weight fluctuate from being overweight to being obese, and at some points being underweight.   From Weight Fluctuations to Metabolic Syndrome and More   Because of her

Stephen improved blood sugar, dental health, digestion on carnivore diet

The Problematic Nickname   I am 25, 175lbs, stronger, happier, with better skin and digestion, than I’ve had since I was 17. Growing up, my family, in an attempt to chastise me or tease me, gave me a sort of nickname regarding food: “cookies, cakes and candies.”   I loved sweets, and was known to eat all my brothers’ winter

Sean solves GI issues, chronic hunger, circulation on carnivore diet

Sean Cosgrove is a personal trainer from Glasgow, Scotland. He found out about the carnivore diet from friends, colleagues and YouTube videos. He was as shocked as anyone to find out that the diet was beneficial for gastrointestinal issues and autoimmune disorders, not because of afflictions he had but rather, those that affected his his mom and sister. Doing a

Patricia resolves fatigue, exercise intolerance on carnivore diet

Patricia’s Health Struggles   At 68 years old, Patricia has been on the carnivore diet for 3 1/2 months. Her diet consists primarily of beef, salt, suet, water, and organ supplements such as liver, bone marrow, thymus, and bovine cartilage, with occasional egg yolks.   As a young adult, she had lots of fatigue, had to take lots of naps,

Ashley improves fitness, mood, skin, and weight loss on a carnivore diet

Hi Dr. Baker,   Thank you for your work. Since hearing you speak on Rogan in 2017 about how meat is healing people, I took the leap from Keto to Carnivore and am so glad I did! My details are down below but basically, my benefits are amazing: My skin is flawless! My belly is flat! My body is strong!!!

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