Dental health tips by coach Tracy K

I want to write about dental health. I know that my dental health improved immensely while eating a carnivore lifestyle. My gums tightened, my teeth grew stronger and my entire mouth has benefited from it. I did have a period when I needed extra cleaning in the beginning of my lifestyle on meat, but that was easily remedied  by coach using a water pik and an electric toothbrush. 

Those two items made all the difference while my body was detoxing and getting rid of plaque and tarter. Never had any troubles after using them. I only had a problem on my lower front teeth in the back, but with the water pik and electric toothbrush, it was no problem at all! Chewing meat gives your facial bones a workout which includes your jaw and it strengthens all of your muscles and bones in the facial area. Chewing meat makes you strong in all areas of your body!

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