Nick is no longer pre-diabetic on a carnivore lifestyle

From Unhealthy To Carnivore: Nick’s Health Journey


Nick says his diet before discovering the carnivore way of eating was very unhealthy. Nick is in his fifties and from the United Kingdom. He says his diet was very similar to the Standard American Diet. He often ate fried foods, pasta, and pastries and drank alcohol– sometimes up to a bottle of wine per night.


The Unhealthy Habits That Crept Up On Nick


All of Nick’s unhealthy habits were slowly creeping up on him. He describes himself as relatively healthy until he was in his mid-thirties. Nick says at that point, the amount he ate increased while his metabolism slowly decreased. 


Nick says for many years. He gained two to four pounds of weight a year. By the time he was in his fifties, he had weighed over two-hundred-sixty pounds, and his waist size had gone from a size thirty-six in his pants to a size forty.


Cutting Out Refined Sugars: Nick’s First Step


Nick says he felt pretty terrible at such a high weight. Nick struggled with high blood pressure and bloating and often felt moody. His weight also affected his marriage, as he was a loud snorer. His wife often had to sleep in a different room, and he says he was beginning to wonder if he was suffering from sleep apnea.


Nick knew he needed to make some changes in his life. He decided to cut out refined sugars from his diet. Nick says this step in his health journey was initially challenging as his life revolved around eating incredibly high-carbohydrate foods. 


He describes in the past, he looked forward to traditions like making risotto every Thursday evening, so he had to learn to give up the emotional connections to unhealthy foods.


Discovering The Carnivore Way Of Eating


Nick says his diet naturally progressed into eating fewer carbohydrates. Nick says he began noticing that he felt his best when he focused his meals around meat, and eventually, he transitioned to the carnivore diet.


Nick found ways to make his newfound diet memorable in a different way. Nick says he and his wife have replaced risotto Thursdays with fish Fridays.


The Benefits Of A Pure Carnivore Lifestyle: Nick’s Transformation


Nick was able to lose eighty-eight pounds between his low-carb and carnivore lifestyle. Nick says his snoring disappeared within three weeks of following a pure carnivore way of eating, and his wife could sleep in the same room as him.


Nick also no longer feels bloated, and his triglycerides, as well as his blood pressure, have decreased. A surprising side effect has been the disappearance of skin tags Nick always assumed were genetic.


The Nose-To-Tail Carnivore Lifestyle: Nick’s Favorite Foods


Nick says today he enjoys eating the nose-to-tail carnivore lifestyle. He has found a local paleo butcher who sells him organs and other animal parts that are often hard to find in a grocery store. 


Nick describes making his own pork cracklings (pork rinds) and loves eating liver pate. Nick does admit to eating some non-carnivore foods socially, like broccoli or sourdough toast, but eats a strict carnivore diet while at home.


Nick’s Carnivore Lifestyle And Weight-Lifting Journey


Nick also says he started going to the gym to lift weights six months ago and has found his carnivore lifestyle has made it much easier to build muscle. Nick has gained fourteen pounds of muscle and says he went from leg pressing 310 pounds to 570 pounds in just six months.


Nick has completely changed the trajectory of his health. He is grateful for the carnivore community and looks forward to all he can accomplish with the carnivore way of eating.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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