October 22, 2021

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Catrina overcame eating disorder and drug addiction on a Carnivore lifestyle

Catrina’s Struggle with Food   Catrina felt she needed to restrict her eating, even as a child. Catrina describes living by the mantra, “You are what you eat,” when she was young. However, Catrina didn’t realize what she was eating, or mostly not eating, affected her overall health.   Catrina says she grew up eating the Standard American Diet but

Nick is no longer pre-diabetic on a carnivore lifestyle

From Unhealthy To Carnivore: Nick’s Health Journey   Nick says his diet before discovering the carnivore way of eating was very unhealthy. Nick is in his fifties and from the United Kingdom. He says his diet was very similar to the Standard American Diet. He often ate fried foods, pasta, and pastries and drank alcohol– sometimes up to a bottle

Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet

Maria’s Digestive Issues   Maria has been down a long road of digestive issues. She experienced many issues with her gut, starting as a young adult. She describes struggling to eat because it felt like the food was stuck in her stomach two hours after each meal. Maria was diagnosed with gastroparesis– a condition that affects food digestion by hindering

Eric relieved arthritis, reconfigure body composition on a carnivore lifestyle

Health Struggles and Experimentation with Diets Eric describes himself as a bit of a “foodie” and enjoyed eating unique foods throughout his life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Eric thought he was healthy. Eric ate a lot of vegetables and said he was an avid beer drinker, even as a teen. He is also a weightlifter and regularly

Heather healed digestion, sciatica, and joint pains and reduced MS on a carnivore diet

Heather’s Struggles with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and Obesity   Heather’s life and health have entirely changed since adopting the carnivore lifestyle. Heather has struggled with a rare ailment called mal de debarquement syndrome (MS) since 2010.   Heather says many people with this particular syndrome get it after being on a cruise ship, but the onset was spontaneous for

Jules’ Carnivore lifestyle healed leaky gut, resolve multiple mental health issues

Julian’s Success Story: A Journey To Health And Mental Clarity   Julian is from Australia and says he is not a “straightforward success story… there are still times I fall off the wagon, and I’m still making mistakes.”   Julian was “very overweight and was bullied a lot” as a child. He had been pursuing diets for some time in

Maria healed battle with eczema, managing her high histamine issues with carnivore

From a Mediterranean Diet to Weight Struggles   Maria lives in northern Michigan with her husband. Maria’s father was Lebanese and was “raised there and came here when he was in his late teens,” so she grew up eating a Mediterranean-style diet.   She says she “never had a weight problem or any health problems growing up, and I had

Robin improved body composition, skin, hair, nails, and eyesight on a carnivore lifestyle

Robin’s Pre-Carnivore Diet and Beliefs   Robin is of German descent and is a Chiropractor practicing in Australia. He went into his carnivore journey with no chronic health conditions or obesity but a healthy professional curiosity.   Before he was a practitioner, Robin ate “a horrible diet, lots of processed foods, and I actually had developed a sugar addiction, to

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