Eric relieved arthritis, reconfigure body composition on a carnivore lifestyle

Health Struggles and Experimentation with Diets

Eric describes himself as a bit of a “foodie” and enjoyed eating unique foods throughout his life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Eric thought he was healthy. Eric ate a lot of vegetables and said he was an avid beer drinker, even as a teen. He is also a weightlifter and regularly exercises three times per week. From the outside looking in, Eric looked healthy.


As a teen and in his early twenties, Eric was considered relatively thin for his height. However, as he became older, he began to pack on some pounds, which he described as “skinny fat.” The extra weight he put on was particularly around his midsection and organs, which he knew was unhealthy.


Eric also started experiencing other health issues, such as severe inflammation and arthritis. Eric even had surgery on his shoulder and went to physical therapy to treat his pain. Eric was frustrated by the slope his body was beginning to go down but began to wonder if this was all just a part of getting older.


Discovering the Benefits of the Carnivore Diet

Eric experimented with the ketogenic diet for several months. He said he had been having some success, he lost weight, but he felt like his body shape was still off. He still had “bumper pads” around his hips and other areas he knew he shouldn’t have fat around. During his time as a keto diet follower, Eric’s wife came across the carnivore diet. Eric’s wife was dealing with her own health issues, mainly gastrointestinal due to food intolerances. Eric’s wife was the first in their family to try the carnivore diet; however, Eric soon followed.


Eric says he not only lost the weight and fat he was hoping to lose, but his arthritis and other pain issues soon resolved on the carnivore diet. He also describes feeling better and better each day he follows the carnivore lifestyle. Eric says he got a covid vaccine soon after observing the carnivore way of eating, and the side effects reminded him of how he used to feel– achy and tired. He knew he never wanted to go back to that feeling.


Eric’s Experience on the Carnivore Diet

Eric says his version of the carnivore diet involves eating two meals daily– breakfast and dinner. He doesn’t usually find he is hungry in the middle of the day for lunch. Eric eats a lot of eggs, beef, pork, and fermented dairy and snacks occasionally on pork rinds. Eric also says he doesn’t shy away from seasonings and enjoys making his food spicy. Eric also says he once tried beer on the carnivore diet, which he used to drink every day. Eric says it made him incredibly sick, and he now knows he can’t tolerate beer anymore.


Eric’s New Perspective on Health and Eating

Eric has completely reframed how he approaches health because of the carnivore diet. He says he now realizes all that is happening behind the scenes with highly-processed foods. He also speaks of the cultural acceptance of obesity and other health problems. He says he doesn’t believe in second-generation obesity, “you just eat like your family.”


Eric’s Advice for Trying the Carnivore Diet

Eric says his advice to anyone looking to try the carnivore way of eating is, “try it. It’s better than a money-back guarantee.” He also speaks of his own love as a foodie trying different methods of cooking his meat and trying a variety of seasonings. He says, “you can find ways to make it fun.” Eric is appreciative he found this way of living and now knows how to truly live a healthy lifestyle.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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