Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet

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4 thoughts on “Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you Maria for sharing your journey with us. I have suffered with an eating disorder and have been worried that carnivore would feed into the disorder even though I have had some of the benefits that you described. Your testimony gives me confidence that I am on the right course with carnivore. You have helped me.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you Maria for sharing your journey. So glad you are thriving! The bio says carnivore healed your osteoporosis but she didn’t mention it. Can somebody address this? I’m a carnivore, have osteoporosis and had no idea this diet would be helpful. Would love to hear this confirmed because I worry so much about my hips and spine.
    Thank you greatly!

  3. Hi Sandra I’m so happy my story offered some some inspiration. Re osteoporosis I can only tell you 2 dexa scans 2 years apart showed an increase in bone mass. So I was coded as having osteopenia not osteoporosis. At that point having been carnivore for 18 months I am sure the extra protein and better nutrition had to have helped but obviously cannot guarantee that. I get zero support from the standard medical community re this woe so they could offer no insoght.

  4. Barbara I was taught there are no bad foods; you need to be able to accept and eat them all when you to overcome the eating disorder. Well I did that for decades. Turns out there ARE bad foods (for my gut and other parts of my body). I had to take the chance with this woe. Yes I still have memories of how good those other things taste but in a dispassionate way like I remember smoking when I was younger. And when I’m hungry all I want is fatty fatty meat!
    I hope this comment reaches you and inspires you to try it./stay with it. The benefits have been worth it. I don’t feel restricted I feel freed from fear of weight gain and the never ending carbohydrate hunger roller coaster.

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