Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet

Maria’s Digestive Issues


Maria has been down a long road of digestive issues. She experienced many issues with her gut, starting as a young adult. She describes struggling to eat because it felt like the food was stuck in her stomach two hours after each meal. Maria was diagnosed with gastroparesis– a condition that affects food digestion by hindering the muscle contractions of the stomach.


From Anorexia to Gastroparesis


Maria says she was anorexic as a child, and some bad habits stuck with her through her adult years. She describes her previous diet as what most would consider “healthy.”


Her diet was very similar to the Mediterranean way of eating– lots of vegetables, cheese, bread, and very little meat. Maria says she was taught only to eat four ounces of meat per meal, and that habit stuck with her for many years.


Unhealthy Diets and Surgery


Maria says after her diagnosis, her diet became very unhealthy. She consumed only foods that were supposed to be easily digestible, like rice and bone broth. Maria eventually started the ketogenic diet, which she says helped with her mental health.


However, looking back, she realizes her version of the keto diet did not contain enough meat. Instead, she still ate a lot of seed oils, butter, fat, and other foods, which were hard on her digestive system.


Maria eventually had her entire colon removed after her bowels stopped working, and she now has a colostomy bag. Maria says after she healed from the surgery, she tried to return to the keto diet, but her body couldn’t handle the amount of fat she was eating. Maria struggled so much that she got down to only eighty-two pounds.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet


Maria knew her body felt the best when she ate meat, so she decided to try the carnivore diet. Maria, over the years, had developed arthritis along with rosacea, which was quickly eliminated by the carnivore diet.


Maria says the carnivore diet took time for her body to get used to, but she also knows she is a special case. Over a year later, she is still tweaking what works for her.


The Importance of Finding What Works


Today, Maria eats a lot of beef; however, she has found she can’t grill the meat. She usually eats ground beef cooked in broth or slow-cooked pot roast. Maria says she eats some chicken and treats it like a supplement.


Maria doesn’t eat dairy as it is difficult for her body to digest. She says she had also learned along the way that treats like Diet Coke, alcohol, and coffee don’t work for her digestive system.


Maria also learned from an interview with Kelly Hogan and Kendall McBride that bone broth is too strong for her delicate digestive system. Maria has now switched to chicken stock which she says is much easier to digest. Maria says the carnivore diet has been a learning curve, but she seems to have found what works for her.


She knows her journey looks different from others on the carnivore diet, which is okay. She even had her kidney doctor, unfamiliar with the carnivore diet, tell her, “whatever makes your bag happy makes me happy.”


Tips for Healing with the Carnivore Diet


Maria says her advice to anyone looking to heal their digestive system with the carnivore diet is to “be patient.” She also suggests walking after each meal to help the digestive system get going and swapping bone broth for chicken stock.


Maria is thankful she found the carnivore way of eating to heal her gut and says to anyone else, “don’t be afraid to try it.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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4 thoughts on “Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you Maria for sharing your journey with us. I have suffered with an eating disorder and have been worried that carnivore would feed into the disorder even though I have had some of the benefits that you described. Your testimony gives me confidence that I am on the right course with carnivore. You have helped me.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you Maria for sharing your journey. So glad you are thriving! The bio says carnivore healed your osteoporosis but she didn’t mention it. Can somebody address this? I’m a carnivore, have osteoporosis and had no idea this diet would be helpful. Would love to hear this confirmed because I worry so much about my hips and spine.
    Thank you greatly!

  3. Hi Sandra I’m so happy my story offered some some inspiration. Re osteoporosis I can only tell you 2 dexa scans 2 years apart showed an increase in bone mass. So I was coded as having osteopenia not osteoporosis. At that point having been carnivore for 18 months I am sure the extra protein and better nutrition had to have helped but obviously cannot guarantee that. I get zero support from the standard medical community re this woe so they could offer no insoght.

  4. Barbara I was taught there are no bad foods; you need to be able to accept and eat them all when you to overcome the eating disorder. Well I did that for decades. Turns out there ARE bad foods (for my gut and other parts of my body). I had to take the chance with this woe. Yes I still have memories of how good those other things taste but in a dispassionate way like I remember smoking when I was younger. And when I’m hungry all I want is fatty fatty meat!
    I hope this comment reaches you and inspires you to try it./stay with it. The benefits have been worth it. I don’t feel restricted I feel freed from fear of weight gain and the never ending carbohydrate hunger roller coaster.

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