Robin improved body composition, skin, hair, nails, and eyesight on a carnivore lifestyle

Robin’s Pre-Carnivore Diet and Beliefs


Robin is of German descent and is a Chiropractor practicing in Australia. He went into his carnivore journey with no chronic health conditions or obesity but a healthy professional curiosity.


Before he was a practitioner, Robin ate “a horrible diet, lots of processed foods, and I actually had developed a sugar addiction, to the point that I would replace entire meals with blocks of chocolate or gummy bears, and I got to the point I would do that regularly.” He notes “it was not just hunger; I was definitely medicating emotions.”


Like many of us, Robin’s healthcare education included all of the low-fat, plant-based recommendations. “I thought I knew…if you want to save the planet and do something good for yourself, you have to at least be whole-food based, even better plant-based, vegetarian or vegan or something like that.”


He says, “I followed that, was very low-fat, no sugar, no salt, no oil, and very very little meat, and predominantly vegetable-based…I was under the impression things were going well for me.”


Unexpected Improvements on the Carnivore Diet


Robin saw Dr. Baker on Joe Rogan’s show and looked deeper into the carnivore community. He noticed stories about autoimmune diseases and other conditions healing. He wanted to try it himself before recommending it to his patients, but he was not expecting any improvements.


The benefits arrived quickly: “I found that quite immediately, my digestion improved, even though I wasn’t under the impression that I had digestive issues.” Robin also saw his fingernails, skin, and hair improve, as well as his chronic Achilles injury. Later, he also “noticed my eyesight had gotten better. I could read license plates and street signs more clearly.”


He realized he could breathe through his nose and began seeing changes in his jaw, with post-nasal drip clearing up as well. “I just did not know that I, over the years, had become accustomed to my body functioning sub-optimally without really being on the radar of any treatable condition.”


Easy Transition to Carnivore and Intermittent Fasting


Robin found the diet easy, saying, “It was a very minimal intervention. I found the food very enjoyable and very affordable as well. On a diet I was on before, I spent a lot of money on supplements, chia seeds, hemp seeds, barley grass, vitamin B12, and vitamin D; a lot of things that I needed to incorporate with the foods that I was eating.”


Robin transitioned to eating two meals a day and found that intermittent fasting made things a lot easier and simpler. He also “noticed that I was not going through energy ups and downs during the day any longer.”


Improved Athletic Performance and Recovery


Robin is a climber and says, “I used to climb quite often, 8-10 hours a week, and after a climbing session, hands would hurt; shoulders and forearms could be quite sore for a couple of days. I noticed that I did not need as much recovery as I needed before.”


“I was so flabbergasted and so disappointed that even me, as a practitioner, could be walking around in the real world and giving incorrect advice to people.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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