Corey’s carnivore journey allowed him to overcome a weight loss plateau

From Keto to Carnivore: One Man’s Journey

Corey was an avid ketogenic diet follower before switching to carnivore eating. Corey says he first heard about the keto diet from one of his college professors, who advocated the low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Corey jumped on board in his early twenties and had some success with the keto diet.


Struggling with Keto and Discovering Carnivore

Fast forward approximately four years, when Corey was twenty-five. He had floundered a bit with his keto diet and put on some weight. Tipping in at his heaviest, two-hundred-fifty pounds, Corey jumped into a strict keto diet. Corey says at the time, he did eat a lot of meat on his keto diet. However, he also ate a lot of plants.


Corey says he often ate enormous salads on the keto diet and a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables. Corey lost weight but noticed in the evenings, especially, he would have a “pouch,” or intense bloating, in his stomach.


After four years on the keto diet, Corey’s weight had plateaued. Around this time, he heard about the carnivore diet from someone he knew. Corey says, at first, he thought it sounded crazy and immediately rejected the idea of not eating vegetables or anything with fiber.


The Benefits of a Carnivore Diet

He then began to listen to “The Carnivore Cast,” a popular podcast hosted by carnivore advocate Scott Myslinski. The podcast led Corey to research and listen to other carnivore advocates such as Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Saladino, and Judy Cho.


And so, two years ago, Corey decided to try the carnivore diet. He says initially, he was concerned about his bowels, as he struggled with severe diarrhea the first two weeks on the carnivore diet. Still, eventually, his gut issues smoothed themselves out. Corey says he immediately noticed how “effortless” the diet was and even lost his pouch within just a few days.


Corey says he has consistently lost two to four pounds a month following the carnivore diet. He has also noticed his sleep has improved, and now he wakes up before his alarm, feeling rested and alert. He is also no longer sensitive to the sun and now “craves” being in the sunlight. Additionally, though Corey’s anxiety wasn’t a significant problem, he says, “everything feels quieter.”


Corey’s Carnivore Diet: A Typical Day

Corey says his diet today consists of a variety of meats. He enjoys a lot of beef, pork, eggs, and bacon and eats organ meats once a week or so. Corey says a staple for him is steak and eggs– he could eat them daily. Corey also says that while he does eat chicken once or twice a week, he has found it causes him some gastrointestinal issues. He also says he is a big coffee drinker, though he has become more sensitive to caffeine.


Corey does admit to “cheating” from time to time but says he always feels horrible the day after eating something that isn’t carnivore friendly. His advice to anyone looking to start the carnivore lifestyle is to “be intuitive” and listen to your body. He also recommends individuals “buy all in.” Corey is grateful he got over the hurdle of his non-belief in this way of eating. For him, this lifestyle is “all I need.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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