October 9, 2021

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Corey’s carnivore journey allowed him to overcome a weight loss plateau

From Keto to Carnivore: One Man’s Journey Corey was an avid ketogenic diet follower before switching to carnivore eating. Corey says he first heard about the keto diet from one of his college professors, who advocated the low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Corey jumped on board in his early twenties and had some success with the keto diet.   Struggling with Keto and

Three year carnivores -Karl and Judi – Karl was diagnosed with Crohn’s

Husband and Wife Team Up to Battle Health Issues Husband and wife Karl and Judi have been helping each other along their health journeys. Karl is a functional doctor by trade, and he and Judi have been operating his practice for many years. Karl admits his life as a medical professional has been stressful and affected his and Judi’s health.

Carnivore diet helped Brittany lose 47lb, balance hormones.

Brittany has been struggling with her weight for most of her life. Brittany says that growing up, despite eating a lot of the Standard American Diet, her mom tried to instill healthy eating habits. She grew up in the south, so while many of her meals were well-rounded, she did indulge in sweet tea every day, along with fried foods

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