Three year carnivores -Karl and Judi – Karl was diagnosed with Crohn’s

Husband and Wife Team Up to Battle Health Issues

Husband and wife Karl and Judi have been helping each other along their health journeys. Karl is a functional doctor by trade, and he and Judi have been operating his practice for many years. Karl admits his life as a medical professional has been stressful and affected his and Judi’s health.


In October 2012, Karl was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Karl says his Crohn’s disease was so bad, practically “nothing below my mouth worked.” Just one month after Karl’s diagnosis, Judi had her own health scare. After her sight in her right eye had diminished, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.


Experimenting with Diets: From Vegetarian to Keto

Judi also struggled with her weight and said she gained forty pounds, which put a lot of extra stress on her small frame. As a medical professional, Karl knew he needed to research why he and his wife had so many health issues.


Karl and Judi began to experiment with their diets. Karl says there was a point where they were both eating ninety percent vegetarian. He then added bone brother, which he despised at the time, for his gut health. Karl also heavily researched alternative medical routes, which sent them chasing after transplant therapies and other more complex treatments.


After much research, Karl and Judi experimented with the paleo diet, which then transitioned into the ketogenic diet. Both say they noticed some health benefits by cutting out the number of carbohydrates they ate and focusing more on protein and fat. However, the strict carnivore diet was hard to maintain as they constantly counted macros, and Judi says she was never satiated on the keto diet.


The Carnivore Diet: A Game Changer for Karl and Judi

Judi had heard of the carnivore diet, and she and Karl decided to try it together in January 2018. Originally they were only going to try the diet for thirty days, but after those thirty days were up, they both knew they could never go back to any other way of eating. They finally found a diet that improved their health, and Judi says, “for the first time in five years, I felt satiated.”


After three years of following the carnivore diet, Karl and Judi are at the lowest body weights they have ever been as an adult, and all of their issues have been resolved. Karl describes eating a salad one year into their carnivore journey like they used to do quite often while they were vegetarian and keto followers. He said immediately that he and Judi had several issues and knew their bodies did not tolerate vegetables.


Adjusting to the Carnivore Lifestyle: Leaner Cuts and Special Bread

Karl and Judi both say in the beginning, much of their carnivore diet revolved around fatty meats such as ribeye. They’ve since adjusted their diet to include other leaner cuts of meat as well. Judy eats two meals daily, while Karl eats one meal with maybe a snack around lunchtime. Their diet mainly consists of sardines, steak, and beef during the week and chicken and pork on the weekends.


Karl and Judi also avoid all dairy as they find it highly processed. Judi says she cooks with a lot of bacon grease rather than using butter or other fats. Judi also makes a special carnivore bread of sorts out of egg whites which they call their “crumpets.”


Finding Success: The Benefits of a Carnivore Diet for Karl and Judi

Karl and Judy both say their advice to anyone looking to start the carnivore way of eating is to “just try it!” Karl says he would also advise anyone to try the diet for at least thirty days. He then says it’s okay to tweak as you go, “you need to be curious about yourself.”


Karl and Judi have found the answers they were looking for thanks to the carnivore diet, and at sixty-five years old, they are the healthiest they have ever been.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Three year carnivores -Karl and Judi – Karl was diagnosed with Crohn’s”

  1. An inspiring couple. Thank you for sharing. I went keto 2 years ago, after a year I became basically carnivore.
    I just turned 70 and have never been better.

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