Lucie improved migraines on a carnivore diet

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My 5-year old daughter who had suffered from constipation her entire life (yep we were dealing with that as well) is NOW HAVING REGULAR BM WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT

Hi, I’m Lucy. I have been on a carnivore diet for just over 6 months now and I have experienced great results and still improving. My weight has ranged from 132lbs – 145lbs, height 5’9”. I could be grouped as someone with “skinny fat.” so I got into the carnivore diet to improve my wellbeing and healthier longevity.

Bad diet, bad migraines

First, let me start with a little background about my healing journey. For majority of my life, I had been on “SAD” or no good diet at all— ate loaves of bread, cookies, and sweets. Maybe raw cherry tomatoes here and there. My main meals comprised of skipping meals and then downing a bag of chips or granola bars esp during school years. I always stayed away from saturated fats (had only low fat yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat anything…). During this time, I suffered from frequent migraines. Yes, migraines not merely headaches. I’d induce vomiting just to have some relief— yes, gross. And that’s after popping several NSAIDs and/or acetaminophens. During the time I first met my husband when I was 22, the first thing he said was “gurl, ur hair is falling off…”. That was when we were taking a shower together… Ok, that’s that.

Depressed with a temper

Then I also had temper tantrums to everything. Any little thing would cause me to spark, lose it and go into fits! My face was ridden with hideous acne. I had amenorrhea here and there too. Shortness of breath, painful restless legs at night, and depressive symptoms of low in the day…

Boyfriend to the resque

Well, it turns out my boyfriend then (husband now) was into health-related themes and topics. In fact, I was shocked when I saw so many supplements in his refrigerator the first time I visited him in his apartment. My first impression was: “ok, he’s a drug addict, what have I gotten myself into…” But then he caught my awe-looking expressions and said: “oh, those…well, foods nowadays are insuffient in nutrients that keep us strong…”

Doing all the diets

An alarm went off my head with that statement— the cause of my gloom and doom? That began my diet experiment, our diet experiments. This was back in 2010. I went vegetarian for a few months, did juicing and slurpep cups of smoothie made out of plant-based protein powders; then transitioned into Paleo diet for a long while, and finally did keto diet in 2017 for a little over a year before going carnivore diet last year, 2018.

My keto experience

I’m 32 years old now. I had some minor health improvements on Keto such as mental clarity and focus, clear skin, and healthier hair. But there were things that didn’t improve on the keto and there were symptoms that got worse esp later on with the diet. For instance, my food sensitivities got out of hand and I reacted to almost anything. I had frequent joint pains, depressive symptoms, anger/impatience, migraines again, and spots of acne here and there. I also had frequent bouts of coldness or chills with Keto. While most would walk around in short sleeves, I would dawn thick sweaters and overalls. Further, I had HUGE cravings for the so-called keto treats, mostly made out of almond or coconut flour, berries, etc. I started bloating a lot on eating lots of vegetables on Keto. When I did my blood work, my values were within “normal” range except for total and LDL cholesterols (of course a questionable measure of what’s normal).

In comes Dr. Baker

Then, thankfully my hubby (always seeking new information) found interviews with Dr. Shawn Baker… and we decided to give the diet a shot. Since then, my family eats primarily beef with occasional lamb. We don’t react well to pork. We don’t eat chicken as I feel completely turned off by the thought of it. We only drink water.

First four weeks of our transition to carnivore diet in Fall of 2018 was not easy. I experienced some bowel abnormalities, some indigestion, postnasal dripping, and fatigue but have since then balanced out. My migraines are gone. My feelings of low are mostly gone, and I just feel overall calmer, more composed. My digestion improved tremendously and I am no longer bloated. My feelings of cold are gone for the most part as well, although sometimes they come but I guess that it will take more time to heal completely. I have generally more energy and feel more productive and motivated to follow through things.

Helping our daughter

Also, my 5-year old daughter who had suffered from constipation her entire life (yep we were dealing with that as well) is NOW HAVING REGULAR BM WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT (Yes, I was loud so aloud because that’s our biggest achievement in dietary life). Part of what helped us stay on a meat-only diet was to subliminally remind ourselves of the benefits, the many testimonies, and the common sense. We wrote a lot of motivational statements and phrases and would paste them on our refrigerator doors and in our cars. We even stapled paper on our shirts to remind ourselves not to eat that keto cookie or drink that raw milk, “yet”. This was especially during the early phases into the carnivorous diet.

Inspired to help others

Feeling successful esp with my daughter and I, #carnivorediet #meatheals inspired me and my hubby so much that we decided to launch an online store with carnivore-inspired shirts and accessories. We used some of the words and statements that kept us going on the shirt designs to help motivate others in their dietary journeys. People can “wear their own diet” (our slogan, #wearyourowndiet), say no to garbage (#ZeroGarbs), and be proud of their food ideologies and achievements.

Speaking out

We are so grateful for this diet and for the people that were brave enough to talk openly about this diet such as Dr. Shawn Baker, Mikhaila Peterson, and Charlene Andersen, among others! Thank you all!

Lucie & Dozie (from

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2 thoughts on “Lucie improved migraines on a carnivore diet”

  1. I am trying to decide if this diet is right for me. I am almost 70 and have suffered with stomach issues mostly diareah for years and I also have almost daily headaches and have migraines as well and my skin breaks out alot as well. I was inspired by your story. Thank you

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