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Antoine improves mental clarity and energy levels on a carnivore diet

Embarking on a Carnivore Journey Two years ago, in the heart of Brussels, Antoine, a sports enthusiast and a keen psychologist, embarks on a journey that is unconventional and daring. His foray into the carnivore diet is not out of necessity due to health issues but rather a driven curiosity and a quest for enhanced physical and mental performance. The

Kelly improved weight, mood swings, and energy on a carnivore diet

A Life Transformed: Kelly’s Carnivore Journey From a life overshadowed by weight struggles to a transformative journey into holistic health, Kelly’s story is a testament to resilience and curiosity. Having tried and tested a plethora of dietary routines, each with its own promise of health and vitality, Kelly found herself at a crossroads when she encountered the carnivore diet. Breaking

Marcel manages psoriatic arthritis on the carnivore diet

Marcel’s Health Challenges and Struggle to Find a Solution   Marcel is working on completing his Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) training and is focused on health. But health was something that was eluding him. Perhaps his health challenges were one of the things that made him decide to be a healthcare provider as well.   Marcel’s Journey with Psoriasis and

Carnivore Diet Tips: Nine Tips for the New Carnivore

Transitioning from one thing to another can be difficult. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting or where you’re going. Changes in relationships, jobs, and family situations are challenging, and diet is the same. The transition period is a stressful time on your physiology, and problems can often manifest in several ways. A new diet, regardless of its composition, affects gut

Larry reversed diabetes on carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Larry. I am a U. S. Army Veteran, Sgt., GI Bill College graduate, and a retired aerospace engineer. I Died, For Real   I had a heart attack and died while riding my bicycle 10 miles from my home. A truck driver broke several of my ribs, reviving me.   Two weeks later, I woke up

Nathan improves back pain, joint pain, and sleep on a carnivore diet

I am 38, live in the UK, and have always been involved in sports and fitness. I have been fortunate enough to run my own business for the past 15 years, training both members of the public and potential/elite sportsmen at my own small facility. During this time, I have also been able to enjoy my chosen sport of surfing,

Yuri improved his skin, pain and sleep with a carnivore diet

My Experience With Raw Meat and Raw Fish Diet – This article was renewed and edited on May 29, 2018 –   The mainly raw meat and raw fish zero carb diet (MFZC) is the last diet I tested. I have been testing and using it from April 2016 to the present time. Before MFZC, I tested: the raw meat/fish

M. G. treated celiac, Crohn’s disease, carpal tunnel, TMJ on carnivore diet

Childhood Challenges and Sensitivities   As a kid, I had a sensitive digestive tract. I carry a lot of stress gastrointestinally, and my childhood was characterized by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; I carried that inside in so many ways. I dealt with excruciating gas cramps, constipation that made appendicitis seem like a dream, etc. I was suicidal throughout my

Lucie improved migraines on a carnivore diet

My 5-year old daughter who had suffered from constipation her entire life (yep we were dealing with that as well) is NOW HAVING REGULAR BM WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT Hi, I’m Lucy. I have been on a carnivore diet for just over six months now, and I have experienced great results and still improving. My weight has ranged from 132lbs –

Man improves energy levels tremendously on a carnivore diet

Listen to this revealing experience of going on the carnivore diet. This man got his energy back, and then some. Added to that, nog more bleeding gums, no more cramps, all around better. Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or

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