Kevin gets rid of irritability on a carnivore diet

Kevin, from Seal Beach, California is a soldier in the US Army. He’s only on day 24 of his carnivore journey but the results have been so dramatic that he wanted to share them with others. He started 24 days ago  at 229 lbs. and he’s now down to 213 lbs.  Even though he realizes that most of this initial loss is water weight, he could see positive changes in the mirror.

Reading the success stories

The carnivore diet first came to his attention through Dr. Baker on the Joe Rogan podcast. This led Kevin to do some online research where he discovered many accounts of others who also had tremendous results with the diet which of course included weight loss, skin issues becoming resolved, better mental health and inflammation simply going away. Kevin was still skeptical but kept on.

Experience with other diets

He had always kept in good physical shape and had tried every diet: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto and carnivore. Although some say that keto and carnivore are very similar, Kevin found amazing differences. The keto diet, requiring more fat intake did not set well with him as he had resulting stomach problems. The conclusion? The keto diet wasn’t for him. So, fast forward.

Carnivore, why not?

He then heard many stories of people eating an all meat diet then started to think, “Why not give it a shot? I’ve tried everything else?” So for the first week it was burgers and bacon. He decided that was all he would eat. No macros, just eat till full then eat again when hungry. But then doubt crept in. A little voice told him to ‘get your carbs. You need to get off of this diet, it’s not good for your body.’ All of this took him back to the podcast that first got his attention. He then decided that he needed to try it for 30 days. For Kevin, becoming fat adapted was a challenge but persistence paid off. It wasn’t long before he felt like a new man.

Getting stronger in the gym

His return to the gym showed him that he’d lost a lot strength and endurance but as his body has adapted to the new fuel, his workouts have improved to the point that he feels much stronger. His skin issues and bloating problems have also resolved.

More stable mentally

Kevin’s interpersonal relationships with family, friends and co-workers have improved greatly as he is 100% less irritable. He has more patience, a positive attitude and better sleep. His craving for junk food and carbs has gone to zero.

Kevin wishes everyone all the best as they try this diet for themselves. He hopes their success will be every bit as good as his.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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