Heath fixed his metabolic syndrome on carnivore diet

Heath is 58 years old and has battled with his weight for much of his adult life. From 1989 until 2018, he saw his waistline expand and his weight increase, year after year. Heath knew that the weight gain was taking a toll on his life and increasing the odds of disease.

Heath had developed insulin resistance, also known as “pre-diabetes” because that’s what happens next. Fat cells are part of the human body’s signaling network, and when the body can’t store any more blood glucose, insulin levels rise, as does the blood glucose level. This is the formula for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

He had also developed tendinitis in his arm, making it harder to exercise. The biochemical changes his body was going through promoted inflammation, and this is one of the connections that lead from diabetes to heart disease.

His skin was suffering, too, and Heath found himself with a dandruff problem. While there are medicated shampoos that can help with this type of problem, they don’t fix the underlying cause. Our bodies are built from what we eat, and if we eat a diet that isn’t appropriate for our species, the body shows the results! Heath knew that it was time for a change.

Heath developed hemorrhoids, which result from a combination of weak connective tissue in the walls of veins, increased circulatory resistance at the portal circulation back to the liver, and a diet that causes chronic gut dysfunction. Straining to have bowel movements reveals the weakness in the system, and causes the rectal veins to herniate-causing a hemorrhoid. Health summarizes it by saying, “I generally felt like &*^%”

Health went on a search for answers and found Dr. Shawn Baker on YouTube and Facebook. Following the information on the channel, he started to understand why a carnivore diet was better suited for humans.

He began his diet journey more gradually and transitioned through a keto stage: “I started a keto diet 16 months ago at 57 years old, with the last 6 months or so primarily carnivore.”

Heath finally got results he liked: “Within 5 months I lost 65 lbs and have maintained my weight loss while gaining lean mass until now. All of my health issues have reversed! My blood sugar and pressure are normal. My postprandial sugar level two hours after eating dinner is 84!”

His new carnivore diet made it possible for Heath to exercise again, opening the door to even more health gains. He saw his body starting to transform, and he began to roll back the aging process! “I started working out again, lifting heavier than ever, and am continuing to build lean mass. I genuinely am in better shape and feel better at 58 than 28! My energy levels are insane and I no longer even need an alarm clock to awaken in the AM.

“I want to thank you for promoting this life-changing way of eating.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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3 thoughts on “Heath fixed his metabolic syndrome on carnivore diet”

  1. Hi Heath! Thank you for sharing your story! I had the haemorrhoids when eating carbs too… I could hardly believe it when bleeding stopped within the first 2 weeks of going carnivore. I know that carnivore is actually just the normal way of eating, but compared to all the sickly and weak “normal” people, being carnivore is like having super-powers. I have a lot more energy now, but strangely my mind has not adjusted yet and still fears real exertion despite great energy levels like yourself. Enjoy the new life!

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