Daniel improved brain fog, inflammation and chronic pain on carnivore diet

We’ve all been taught something about what constitutes a healthy diet, and it seems most of it has been wrong. Daniel’s story echoes the same thoughts, as his healthy diet turned out not to be what he needed to heal.

Daniel had problems catching infections, saying that he “would catch any infection going.” He suffered from chronic inflammation, constant back pain, and knee pain, and was also gaining weight over time.

His social life was in jeopardy as well, as he says, “I guess the biggest thing is that my girlfriend was younger than me and I felt that I was getting too old, gaining weight, fading out of life. I didn’t think we had a future.”

Most people would have called Daniel’s diet healthy: “I used to eat in a way I thought was healthy. A way I’d been told I was healthy: a Mediterranean diet with added roast meat meals. Lots of green veg, lots of carbs, easy on the meat. I would need to snack all day into the evening.”

Daniel switched to a carnivore diet, saying, “I’ve been carnivore for 5-6 months. I switched from a high protein keto (mostly carnivore), which I’d been on for a couple of years.” He doesn’t get infections now either: “Now I don’t seem to get anything (or if I do it’s too mild to notice).”

Daniel chooses meat and eggs often, saying, “Now I can eat twice a day and fast for 16 hours or longer. Ground beef and eggs for breakfast and some homemade liver pate, some meat in the evening. It keeps me sustained and healthier than I’ve been in a long time.”

Daniel has found his body responds well to his new carnivore diet. “My inflammation has gone way down.”

His chronic pain has also improved, as his body heals old injuries: “The upshot of this is that I’ve gone from being in permanent pain due to an old back injury and a more recent knee injury to no pain. These areas are still more fragile than the rest of my body, but now they don’t prevent me doing anything.”

He has also found that his mind is working better, because of his carnivore diet. “I had wondered if I was losing my ability to think. People call this brain fog. For me, it prevented me thinking at a high enough level to work in a highly technical field. I had lost my ability to concentrate and to take in detail. Past learning was easy to recall and use but adding new learning was hard. I feel fully present during the day now and can work harder than I did in my 20s.”

Daniel’s social life is back on track too since he has regained his physical health and mental abilities. The future is looking brighter, and he says, “Now we are married and contemplating a family. That would never have happened.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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