December 4, 2018

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Tom improved allergies, migraines, and gained muscle on carnivore diet

I’m 67 years old, been carnivore since December 2017. I’ve eliminated all my allergy meds (Claritin, Flonase, Azelastine), resolved chronic migraines, gained several pounds of muscle, and just generally improved my health over the past two years. Years ago I tried a vegan diet, then migrated to vegetarian and stayed with that for decades.   I later moved to an

Nolan improved his digestion, skin, and lost 35 lbs on a carnivore diet

I’ve been carnivore for just under 2 years now. For the first 6-7 months, I was 100% strict. Since then I’ve been about 90-95% carnivore with the occasional cheat meal. I was overweight before going carnivore and have lost about 35 pounds since then. I’m 6’2″ and went from 225 to 190. I have way more energy and drink less

Daniel improved brain fog, inflammation and chronic pain on carnivore diet

We’ve all been taught something about what constitutes a healthy diet, and it seems most of it has been wrong. Daniel’s story echoes the same thoughts, as his healthy diet turned out not to be what he needed to heal. Daniel had problems catching infections, saying that he “would catch any infection going.” He suffered from chronic inflammation, constant back

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