Tom improved allergies, migraines, and gained muscle on carnivore diet

I’m 67 years old, been carnivore since December 2017. I’ve eliminated all my allergy meds (Claritin, Flonase, Azelastine), resolved chronic migraines, gained several pounds of muscle, and just generally improved my health over the past two years. Years ago I tried a vegan diet, then migrated to vegetarian and stayed with that for decades.


I later moved to an Atkins approach, then on to Paleo, then Keto, and finally Carnivore. Without question, this last move has given my by far the best results, physical health, and mental clarity. I’ve been strict: beef, no dairy, occasional eggs, pork, and chicken, infrequent coffee (black). Happy to provide more details if needed.


ComponentYour valueStandard range
CHOLESTEROL196 mg/dL<=200 mg/dL
Optimal <200 mg/dl
Borderline High 200-239 mg/dl
High >=240 mg/dl
HDL61 mg/dL>=40 mg/dL
Optimal >=40
TRIGLYCERIDE49 mg/dL<=150 mg/dL
Optimal <200
Borderline High 150-199
High 200-499
Very High >=500
CHOLESTEROL, NON-HDL135 mg/dL<=130 mg/dL
Optimal <130
Near Optimal 130-159
Borderline High 160-189
High 190-219
Very High >=220
LDL125 mg/dL<=100 mg/dL
Optimal <100
Near Optimal 100-129
Borderline High 130-159
High 160-189
Very High >=190

Life-Changing Way of Eating

Currently 8 1/2 months into carnivory. I’ve dropped all my allergy and headache meds, as well as coffee and anything but meat/eggs (95% beef), salt, and water. I also did the 12 week Carnivore Training System, which I just couldn’t have mustered before I took on this WOE (way of eating). My weight is a rock solid 166 – my high school weight – and it doesn’t seem to matter how much or how little I eat, how fatty or lean (I’m about 5’11”).


If anything, a large meal means I’ll just get hungry again later, but my body seems to know how to keep itself lean and energized as long as I get the needed nutrition from meat, and don’t dilute it with anything else.


Enhanced Physical Performance

And that 166 is more muscle than in the past. At nearly 66, my energy has never been this consistent and reliable. I mountain bike about 3 days a week, and get to the gym for weight resistance another 3. Juggle 6 kids (3 at home, including my little 7 year old), and still work a full week as well.


Improved Health Markers

My skin is better than it’s been for years, I no longer seem to need things like shampoo for my scalp or skin cremes to stay hydrated. Another very noticeable difference has been resistance to sunburn. I’ve always burned easily – 15 minutes in the summer sun would leave me beet red. But this summer I haven’t used sunscreen, even though I bike outside.


I spent over two hours in the mid afternoon sun walking a golf course during a recent visit to Florida; zero sunscreen, and zero burn. That’s truly amazing, and a very objective measure. I understand (cf. Tucker Goodrich) that’s likely from the elimination of seed oils and re-apportionment of Omega 3/Omega 6…


Generally so many health markers have improved, I’m not looking back. I had originally intended to just run out the 30 day study and get back to my keto cheesecakes and fat bombs – I even saved them in the freezer. But the difference in energy and general well-being was so significant, I was sold after 30 days. Some friends and family have ventured into it as well. One best described it as ‘life changing’. I would have to agree.


Thanks, everyone, for the continuous information, linked research, and general support that’s now available and allows us to take charge of our health and continue to experiment and learn.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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