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Yasmeen thanks to Carnivore after 7.5 years of being vegan, reversed skin, IBS and fibromyalgia

Struggling with Veganism   Yasmeen struggled for years with an eating disorder and malnutrition before deciding to follow the vegan diet for seven and half years– sending her body into a downward spiral. Yasmeen says she tried all types of veganism: fruitarian, raw, juicing– nothing worked. Her body kept suffering more and more.   Yasmeen says she met with a

Kaitlyn is off all 12 medications and lives symptom-free productive life on carnivore diet

Kaitlyn’s Debilitating Health Conditions and Unhealthy Lifestyle   Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Kaitlyn had debilitating fibromyalgia. Kaitlyn says her diet for many years reflected the Standard American Diet. Kaitlyn was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes and, at just 5’2″, weighed 275 pounds, which she says she knows put a lot of stress in and of itself on her

Eric healed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, migraines, arthritis on carnivore lifestyle

From Vegetarianism to Carnivore Diet   Eric has struggled with food allergies and sensitivities for most of his life. Eric tried to follow the vegetarian diet for almost ten years, but the diet wreaked havoc on his body. Over time, Eric learned he is allergic to eggs and sensitivities to many vegetables and grains.   Eric is a farmer and

Melanie put Raynaud’s syndrome into remission and improved libido on a carnivore lifestyle

Melanie’s Health Struggles   Melanie has been struggling with her health for years. Melanie says as a child; she ate the Standard American Diet, which included a lot of bread and pasta.   Melanie says she always loved meat and didn’t like vegetables unless they were doused in butter. When Melanie was just sixteen years old, she started going gray,

Tracy now feels more grounded, skin is clearer and now sleeps better on a carnivore way of life

Tracy’s Health Journey and Gut Issues Tracy has always taken her health and her nutrition seriously. She even owned a health and cleansing studio in San Diego. When Tracy was around twenty or twenty-one years old, she started noticing issues with her digestion. Tracy was perplexed because, in her mind, she was eating very healthily. Her diet at the time

Sylvia eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis, allergies, and constipation on carnivore diet

Sylvia has been experimenting with her diet for the majority of her life. Her father was a rancher, so she says her diet was mainly meat-based as a child. As an adult, she started trying various diets, including vegetarian, pescatarian, low-carbohydrate, and finally, the ketogenic diet.   Health Issues in Sylvia’s Twenties: Gut Health and Rheumatoid Arthritis   Sylvia began

Eric relieved arthritis, reconfigure body composition on a carnivore lifestyle

Health Struggles and Experimentation with Diets Eric describes himself as a bit of a “foodie” and enjoyed eating unique foods throughout his life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Eric thought he was healthy. Eric ate a lot of vegetables and said he was an avid beer drinker, even as a teen. He is also a weightlifter and regularly

Three year carnivores -Karl and Judi – Karl was diagnosed with Crohn’s

Husband and Wife Team Up to Battle Health Issues Husband and wife Karl and Judi have been helping each other along their health journeys. Karl is a functional doctor by trade, and he and Judi have been operating his practice for many years. Karl admits his life as a medical professional has been stressful and affected his and Judi’s health.

Ryan Healed his Crohn’s disease symptoms on a carnivore diet

Ryan’s Journey with the Carnivore Diet Ryan’s diet before discovering the carnivore way of eating was very poor. Over time it wreaked havoc on his body, and Ryan was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease. His Crohn’s disease was so bad that Ryan was forced to have his gallbladder removed and colon resection surgery at just twenty-seven years of age.  

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