Jennifer Gains More Dense Muscle On The Carnivore Diet

From Ankylosing Spondylitis to Carnivore Diet: Jennifer’s Story


Jennifer is a long-term care nurse and bodybuilder in Ohio who, like many of us, was raised on Cheetos and Kraft singles and a standard American diet. As a child, she experienced terrible hip pain, which later in life would be diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis.


In her 20s, “when I was having babies and having the worst flare-ups of my life, and I cut out gluten and dairy, and it went into full remission for 14 years.”


“It was in remission for 14 years until I got Covid.” After her first COVID infection, Jennifer got rheumatoid arthritis “full-blown.” She was prescribed methotrexate within a few days, at the highest dosage level, “which saved me…but there’s a tradeoff.”


Jennifer had to take methotrexate weekly and says, “It took me a couple of days to feel normal again after I would be dosing that. I would get mouth sores, feeling kind of ‘out of body,’ not in my body, for a few days. Just feeling not good!”


A Recurrence of AS After COVID


After getting COVID again, “the second one gave me a recurrence of the AS. It wasn’t as severe as in the past, where I was in bed and could not walk, but it was enough to make me limp and just be in constant pain.”


“I had every single symptom, textbook, of ankylosing spondylitis.” Her problems were from head to toe: “I had inflammation in my heels; it was hard to walk barefoot, very painful actually…Lots of SI joint pain, lower back stiffness, neck pain and stiffness, pubic bone pain, which was new.”


The Miraculous Turnaround with Carnivore Diet


Jennifer found herself “emotionally, mentally, everything was falling apart. I just started researching autoimmunity, and it just led me to Carnivore…I listened for so many hours a day…then I decided to implement it, and once I did, I turned a corner so quick, and I’ve had many good days now.”


She started eating steak “every single day… lots of ground beef, careful with the eggs and pork-if I can find soy and corn free then I’ll eat those, but mostly just eating beef and butter and eliminating all of the crap.”


Building Muscle and Improving Energy


Jennifer has also seen improvements in her energy. “I’m able to work out longer and harder; everything is improved. She is a bodybuilder and has found it easier to develop muscle now, saying, “I was just maintaining, like busting my ass just to maintain, and since going Carnivore, I’ve been able to build this muscle that is, just, it’s denser than any muscle I’ve ever had before, and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been…I crave the fat, and the more fat I eat, the leaner I get. It’s crazy!”


Jennifer’s mental state also improved. “I was extremely anxious on a normal basis, and that has improved greatly with this diet. I’m just calmer. I have a calm gut for the first time in my entire life,” and also notes, “I’m less reactive.”


“It’s just been a miracle for me, all the way around!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. I also train fasted and I have had not negative consequences. It seems that doing so may have actually increased my muscle mass, but that it just my biased observation.

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