Adam healed from psoriasis on the carnivore diet

Struggling with Acne and Psoriasis


Adam has been a personal trainer for over ten years. He has been through “some tough times” that have left him “feeling I’m in the best place in my life.”


Adam had “a lot of acne” when he was young. Looking for relief, he tried Accutane, which “made my skin absolutely terrible. Three months later, he developed psoriasis.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Seminal Germ Cell Tumor


At age 30, Adam was diagnosed with a non-seminal germ cell tumor, “a five-inch mass in my chest. One night, I started having chest pains from a deep breath I had taken, and all of a sudden, it just would not go away.”


An emergency room visit “basically determined that it was some type of lymphoma, so right there just completely changed my life.”


Adam endured four rounds of chemotherapy and open chest surgery to remove the tumor, all within a six-month period.


Seeking Solutions: From Veganism to Carnivore Diet


He decided he had to learn how to solve his problems himself because all of his medical providers just kept “over and over again prescribing me things that I just knew weren’t going to help me.”


Adam’s search led him to a vegan diet, which he followed for two years, “making vegetable smoothies and trying a grape diet for three weeks.” On the vegan diet, Adam “lost 20 to 30 pounds of muscle, started getting just super fatigued…I had the testosterone of a 90-year-old.


Everything was going downhill. I was thin, I was frail, and the biggest thing was my psoriasis was absolutely inflamed to the wazoo.”


One of Adam’s friends encouraged him to return to bodybuilding, as it was “the last thing that had worked.” Within days of adding meat back into his diet, “my skin started to improve.”


Return to Bodybuilding and Improved Health


He developed a love for bodybuilding, and his psoriasis completely healed within 30 days of starting his bodybuilding diet, no longer drinking alcohol or eating fast food. “That was amazing to me… how my skin improved from improving my nutrition.” His diet at that point included some meat and vegetables and “a lot of white rice.”


He says that “The difference is night and day.”


Adam recently competed as a bodybuilder and “did a carnivore-styled prep that consisted of high fat, high protein, and zero carbs. It was the best stuff I’ve ever been, the best I’ve ever felt mentally and physically.”


Overcoming Hemorrhoids and Improving Psoriasis


“My stool is normal, …When I was vegan plant-based, going to the bathroom was insane. I had hemorrhoids, and it was the stool. It was hard. It was ridiculous. Every time I went to the bathroom, it was a struggle; I’d be in pain.”


His psoriasis has improved so that he now estimates 3% coverage instead of almost 100%, and his cancer has never returned.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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