Anastacia healed bulimia on a carnivore diet

This is a glance at my life story, particularly my history of disordered eating. I am grateful to have found this meat heals site, and I think this is the right place to share in hopes of inspiring others to give this WOE a try. As someone who suffered throughout childhood and most of my adult life with body image issues and eating disorders— at my junior prom, I weighed in at 140 lbs at 5’10.″


My History Of Disordered Eating And Finding The Carnivore WOE


I did chronic cardio every single day, played basketball, ran hurdles, and either was restricting calories or losing complete control with food purges/binges. I became bulimic in HS and turned into an overexercising, punishing machine to get myself thinner and thinner.


I grew up on processed foods, became addicted to sugar/carbs early, and often felt alone in my struggle to find a WOE that would offer me greater hormonal balance, satiety, and freedom from addiction.


Struggling To Find A WOE That Offered Greater Hormonal Balance


From age 15 – 39, I worked to find self-love, nurturing, and food freedom. In 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. This pain (at the time event) PUSHED me to change and seek out true health on all fronts (mind, body, and spirit). I quit a corp. job returned to school and graduated with an MS in Physiology. I spent years working as a Personal Trainer and, at the same time, opened my own Corp Wellness Coaching business.


My Journey To Finding Food Freedom

In 2012 I found Paleo WOE and made the changes overnight. Immediately I felt the benefits in my health, cravings, energy, and mindset, especially because I went to only protein, fat, and veggies (low carb).


But as I aged into my 30s, I began to feel the pains in my joints (severe Back Facet Joint/Hip arthritis) from my overexercising habits and years of binging on garbage foods. 


I was tired of fighting to stay sober (for me, this meant avoiding all sugar/carbs and anything not from the earth) and working so hard to avoid a relapse despite having better lifestyle practices in place and greater health.


From Paleo To Keto To Carnivore


I would go months eating big, fat ass salads and meat; then I’d binge again. Then repeat over and over. The cycle seemed impossible to break. I felt destined to never feel true food freedom.


In 2016 I tried strict Keto and felt like I was desperately trying to fill myself with fat-filling mini meals/snacks. I never felt true satiety (it never felt like a MEAL to me), eating a high-fat diet with moderate protein, and I knew it was not a good fit within a week. Esp. with a past littered with food obsessions and dieting.


How I Found The Carnivore WOE And Its Benefits


This was not sustainable, so I returned to LC Paleo. Last year, in December 2017, I was traveling with my husband and had terrible IBS, fatigue, and a flare-up of joint back pain. There was one meal during our trip (eggs and bacon) that I noticed gave me no IBS symptoms and tons of energy.


How I Found The Carnivore WOE And Its Benefits


I vowed to go carnivore (not knowing it was a thing) when we got home, and I did. Today, I eat two things: anything with a face (No Dairy- as this is a trigger food for me and highly addictive), but mostly beef, black coffee, and an occasional piece of 100% dark chocolate. The chocolate really helps me adhere to the carnivore diet for the long haul.


Sustaining The Carnivore WOE And Its Impact On My Health


I really don’t feel the need to venture off because I have no more cravings, no urges to binge (also because I am eating til satiety), my hunger hormones are working correctly for the first time, and my joint inflammation is way down, almost not noticeable.


My mood is so much lighter. I’m less reactive, and PMS is less scary for me and everyone else. My energy is off the charts. It was good before starting this WOE, but now I almost have too much…if this is possible. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with all of it! 🙂


Luckily, I am a health coach, so I can share this inspiring energy with my clients. Finally, my sleep is just as good as it was on Paleo.


How The Carnivore WOE Helped Heal Me From Disordered Eating And Achieve Food Freedom


When I started, I would wake 30mins earlier than normal, but that no longer happens. I sleep 7-8 hrs per night. I rarely have times that I struggle with cravings for food. If I do, it quickly passes by eating more meat or just ignoring that person in my head. I found that I do need to eat a bit more with my high activity levels and to maintain my muscle mass.


I also fall into a time-restricted eating pattern most days but not necessarily purposely. If I wake hungry, I will eat, but usually, I would rather stay fasting until Im really feeling the urge. I eat around 2.5 lbs per day, and WO with weights 4x p/wk with daily long walks. I go to an infrared sauna 5x a week for 30-40mins to reduce DOMS and help with any joint tenderness. I am 158lb and 22% bf. Before CV, I weighed 166 and 25% bf.


Overall this WOE, plus a ton of growth, self-exploration, drive to improve, and knowledge seeking, living my purpose with total acceptance and love of self and others, has healed me…FINALLY. I can be my best and thrive at my life’s work as a health coach. When stress gets worse, I have the tools to stay present and know the emotions will pass. Binge eating is not an attractive option. I did so much work to get here and heal; it has little appeal to ever go back.


I don’t isolate myself like I did. Instead, I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their personal wellness/fitness goals. I practice and share the gifts of meditation/self-love/nurturing/journaling/real food nutrition/movement/mindfulness. I only surround myself with positive, loving, inspirational people.


I eat big, train hard for a 43-year-old woman, play/travel often, and am living my purposes. But, most of all, I have unconditional self-love, appreciation, and acceptance, which makes it possible for me to circulate this out to other living beings and things! I have gained much by my struggles, more than I’ve lost.


If you would like to contact me, please feel free. I would love to see if there could be research on how this WOE could help people with binge eating and bulimia. I am also open to sharing more of my story and the ways this WOE has saved a girl from her dark passenger – a carb/sugar addiction. 😉 Thanks for offering this safe place to share.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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7 thoughts on “Anastacia healed bulimia on a carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational. Would it be possible contact you to hear some more about how you overcame bulimia eating carnivore. I am still bulimic and trying this way of eating and any guidance related to bulimia and how this helped you would be great. Thanks

    1. Alice, You are more than welcome to contact me. Send me a message here and we can exchange contacts. Anastacia

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