Travis improved mental health, skin issues, and ulcerative colitis on a carnivore diet

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My name is Travis, I’ve had 8 heart operations, my first one when I was 3, and my last one when I was 34. I’m 37 currently.

I’ve been a carnivore for over 7 years, I’ve studied nutrition professionally, and currently research nutrition obsessively, now that modern understanding of nutrition has been turned on its head thanks to carnivory.

I also run a business with the focus of helping and coaching others into carnivory while with unique protocols tailored individually to each client for their specific needs and goals.

I am my first client as I suffered from OCD, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, fatigue, brain fog, ulcerative colitis, as well as ulcers. I had chronic headaches, and restless nights. All of it was horrible.

That is until I started my own health journey in desperate search for a curative diet.

I went from the standard western diet, to vegan, to paleo, into Keto, and lastly carnivory.

I’ve done it all…

Based on my previous experience, my education on the subject, and current years of practice in carnivory I can easily say that not only was carnivore the solution, but it ultimately solidified itself as the human appropriate diet, and I have remained on it since.

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