Terese increased her energy on a carnivore diet

Dear reader, my name is Terese and October 29th, 2019 was my 1 year Carnivore anniversary. 🥩 One year ago, I began a journey that I thought was only going to be a 30 day experiment.

The before photo was not taken specifically for this purpose. It just happened to be the only picture that was taken of me on October 28th, 2018, the day before day 1, of my new way of eating. The after picture was taken today by a friend of mine specifically for my after picture.


Former Vegan

I WAS eating a whole food, plant-based, vegan diet before I began my carnivore journey.


I was having some health issues, and I put a question out to the Universe asking why because I THOUGHT I was eating the healthiest diet one could eat.


The Universe Helping Out

Of course, the Universe answered me. I started coming across information that I had never seen or heard before.


I saw stories about many others who had also had issues with the diet I was on at that time. I saw that many people were healing themselves from those issues by the Carnivore WOE. At that point, I was in poor health, and because I asked the Universe, I knew it was an answer to my prayer/call.


Trying Carnivore For 30 Days

I decided that even though it was completely opposite to my prior beliefs (a belief I had held for 25 years), I would give it a try for 30 days.


Close to the 30 days, I felt so well that I decided to go for 60 days… 60 days turned into 90 days. Before the 90 days were up, I decided to go for six months. At six months, I decided I wanted to go a full year. Today, I feel like this is now my lifestyle. I will, of course, continue to check in with myself and Higher Guidance to see if it is in my Highest good to continue.


The Weight Loss Was A Perk

I did not start this change with weight loss in mind. I started it because I wanted to change my health around before it continued to get worse. The weight loss (39 pounds, to be exact) was an added blessing!


I have received so many health benefits!

  • Increased energy
  • Longer stamina
  • Better moods
  • Clearer/sharper mind
  • Better sleep
  • More muscle mass
  • Stronger teeth
  • Clear skin
  • Shiny, strong hair
  • Clear airway
  • No more “getting sick”
  • Less body fat
  • Better digestion
  • Leaky gut healing
  • No more carb crashing
  • Balanced hormones
  • Lighter menses
  • No more aches and pains
  • I think I may be healed from asthma…if not healed 100% yet, definitely 90%!

I have never felt better!

Adapting For The Better

In the beginning, I felt lethargic for two weeks, from about week two to week four, as my body adapted from burning carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat for fuel. The adaptation phase can be different for everyone. It depends on where you are at with your health currently.


I also had signs of detox; weird rashes appeared, mostly on the side of my temples and partially on my forehead, as well as on the back of my neck. That lasted for months. I would have to look at my journal/log book to see when that stopped.


I highly recommend logging everything you eat and drink, and how you feel, as well as the changes that happen, if you want to experiment with this way of eating (or any change of eating, for that matter). I have been keeping track of everything this entire journey. I have also weighed myself on a scale, daily. I take body fat measurements once a month.


The Change In Physique

The following are the changes in measurements in 1 year:

  • Weight -39 pounds
  • Neck -1”
  • Bust -4.75”
  • Waist -6.65”
  • Stomach at naval -6.5”
  • Stomach at low level -4.5.”
  • Hips -6.25”
  • L Thigh -4”
  • R Thigh -4.25”
  • L Calf -1.5”
  • R Calf -1.75”
  • L Ankle -1.15”
  • R Ankle -.75”
  • L Bicep -1.85”
  • R Bicep -1.75”
  • L Forearm -.85”
  • R Forearm -1”
  • Body Fat 21.8% -7.5%
  • BMI 21.1% -4.1%


Learning To Listen To My Body

I also had to learn the new ways in which my body let me know it was ready for food. For example, I may start to feel a tiny headache or feel tired. Those are signals it is time to eat. I did not get that ravenous hunger feeling like you do when you are eating carbs.


Great Carnivore Community

With all of my heart, I thank the Carnivore community. Many of you have been a huge source of emotional support for me and shared a wealth of information. It eased my mind. It would have been a completely different experience without you. It is such a blessing that I have made some great new friends too!


End of story.

Thank you,


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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