Sandro improves mental clarity, exercise recovery, skin on carnivore diet

Sandro, 29, has noticed a huge improvement in mental health and clarity, faster recovery time from exercise, and clearer skin since starting the Carnivore Diet.

Once an elite athlete who was close to going pro, Sandro was sidelined by symptoms of depression and anxiety in his early twenties. “I stayed inside most of the time and I rarely left the house.” Two years ago, he made the decision to go carnivore, and within just 3 months, all of his mental health symptoms were gone! “It just suddenly hit me after a couple of months that I haven’t had a bad day for a while now. I started feeling great, and my anxiety was just gone! And my energy was through the roof compared to what it was before.”

Sandro also noticed his skin issues improved once he eliminated vegetables and grains, and only returns if he eats those foods again. Before starting the Carnivore Diet, the skin around his neck would often become itchy and inflamed. At its worst, the discomfort prevented him from sleeping. All that changed within the first 90 days of following a meat-only diet.

He’s also noticed huge changes after his workouts. Now, his recovery time is much shorter. “My strength has gotten much better, and I’m more muscular now than I’ve ever been. I am very rarely sore after a workout and I can go to the gym every single day.”

Before Sandro followed the Carnivore Diet, he struggled to manage his hunger. “I never felt satiated for more than a couple of hours. Now I’m much more muscular and my body composition looks much better than before.” Sandro found the transition to a meat-based diet to be effortless, and developed a rapport with his local butcher who would recommend different cuts of meat for him to try. “I felt satiated from the very first meal and throughout the three months of being a strict carnivore.”

Sandro highlights the important connection between the food we eat and our mental and physical health. Many people don’t relate these issues to their diet, and thus prevent themselves from finding relief from various symptoms. Especially in the case of mental health, most doctors take a medication-only approach without factoring in a patient’s diet or metabolic issues.

While it’s true that mental health is complex and can have various contributing factors, a growing number of individuals on the Carnivore Diet have experienced relief and improvement of their symptoms just a few weeks into their carnivore journey. (We encourage anyone struggling with mental health issues to work with their doctor and not to make any changes without consulting them first.)

“It’s a very controversial topic,” Sandro shares. “As a person who ate vegetables my whole life it was very odd to me that removing them was literally what saved my life!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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